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Fashionable ceramic handbag cookie jars

Fashionable ceramic cookie jars provide storage for treats and more and are delightful even without treats inside. These handbag cookie jars take the shape of fancy handbags and are so fashionable you might choose to use them as centerpieces in addition to storing delicious cookies.  All cookie jars available at Horchow.

Red/Black/White Leopard Bag Cookie Jar ($35.00)

Gold/Black/White Leopard & Floral Print Cookie Jar ($35.00)

Leopard Bag Cookie Jars

Zebra Handbag Cookie Jar (On sale $24.90)

Leopard Handbag Cookie Jar (On sale $24.90)

Zebra and Leopard Handbag Cookie Jars

Red & Black Cookie Jar (On sale $27.90)

Black & White Cookie Jar (On sale $27.90)

Red, black and white purse cookie jar

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A deep window alcove creates a cozy niche for guest beds

High on a bluff overlooking a historic lighthouse in Nantucket Sound, Dee and Jimmy Haslam built their vacation home on Massachusetts' Nantucket Island. One of the coziest parts of the house is the niche they created for guests. What a fantastic utilization of space with the small steps leading up to the top bed! The only thing I would worry about would be waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on the person in the bed below me as I tried to navigate getting to the steps.

Guest beds in alcove

Source:  Traditional Home

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Charming chandeliers made from every day objects

Who says you have to spend huge amounts of money on a crystal chandelier? There are plenty of objects lying around your house that could provide pretty lighting, given some ingenuity.

Take Stuart Haygarth's Tide Chandelier, for example. Composed of man-made debris that washed up on a specific stretch of Kent (England) coastline, Haygarth collected these bits of garbage and turned them into something spectacular. Many of the chandeliers in this slideshow are recycled, upcycled, or just plain ingenious.

Stuart Haygarth Tide Chandelier

Artist Madeleine Boulesteix crafts charming chandeliers from teacups and glasses. The teacup chandeliers look great in any room, they can be hung low over a table or higher as the central decorative light and they look equally at home amongst old and new styles. They can be a pure clear and white theme or subtly or highly coloured according to taste.

Madeleine Boulesteix Tea Cup Chandelier

Napa Style sells these Antique Mason Jar Lights ($199-379), but you can also make your own. Some of the antique mason jars in these handsome pendant lights date to the turn of last century, and all feature the authentic Ball logo, zinc lids, and gorgeous bubble blue glass. They're gathered from all over California and repurposed by a talented artisan.

Napa Style Antique Mason Jar Lights

The Hangelier series ($150) lampshades crafted from salvaged and off-the-shelf materials. The parts are arranged to provide delight from different points - referencing classic light shade forms from a distance while surprising viewers up close with it's unique material palette.

Hangelier chandelier

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Turn the seashells collected from your beach vacation into fun crafts and beautiful ways to decorate your home

A fun craft and easy way to decorate is to create a pretty seashell container, a delightful dish or a desk accessory like a paperweight from shells collected while on your beach vacation.  You can put shells, starfish, and other found items in a glass canister and then use a paint pen or permanent marker to write the vacation location on a sand dollar. Hang it from the side of the canister with twine. Another simple idea is to use a large shell, turned upside down, as a bowl for jewelry. Put it on your bedside table for easy access morning and night. For larger items, such as conch shells or puffy sea biscuits, use them as paperweights on your desk for at least one daily reminder that isn't about something on your to-do list.

Seashell Container
Shell jewelry dish
Shell paperweight

Source: Southern Living

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MOZI kitchen accessories inspired by the owners' childhood pets are whimsical, delightful and simply adorable

Camilla and Olivia Tipler, owners of MOZI, grew up surrounded by their beloved pets including Peter Rabbit, Max the Giant Poodle and Pepper the blackbird. These have provided inspiration for their designs and have woven their way into the very fabric of MOZI. Also heavily influenced by their far-away travels and love for all things exotic, MOZI's designs are a fusion of color, pattern, theme and subject that inspire the imagination. The designs are currently applied to over twenty-five products falling into six main categories from kitchen textiles to stationery.  These are some favorites from Mozi's kitchen category, but they also offer lots of fun stuff.

Mozi cute kitchen accessories

Source: Jars of Cute

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