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The hottest trend in dairy: lamps!

The Cereal Bowl Lamp:  The coolest lamp that you will ever own. Ingredients: cereal, touch sensor, metal spoon, bowl, 'milk' and magic. This gives a whole new meaning to eating light.  The big, 10-inch-wide bowl shines with the help of a 14-watt fluorescent bulb. If you instinctively reach for the spoon, you're in luck - that's what turns the lamp on! ($180 at Ideaka)

Cereal Bowl Lamp by Ideaka

Ice Cream Lamp:  Ice cream parlors always seem to be perfect design inspiration. How about a giant lit ice cream cone that will add a sweet touch to any room? Jumbo plastic lamp measures over two feet high! ($48 at Fred Flare)

Ice Cream Lamp by Fred Flare

Egg Nightlight Collection:  J Schatz's handcrafted glossy ceramic earthenware egg is made of small holes that let light shine through the ceramic shell of the 8-inch Star Egg Nightlight. It comes in eight different colors.($135 at J Schatz Egg Lamps)

Star Egg Nightlight by J Schatz

LED Milk Night-Light:  This LED milk night-light looks just like a real glass. The light turns off automatically when tilted or placed upside down. ($11.95 at Amazon). This LED milk night-light also comes in color changing. The color changes automatically and creates a neat lighting effect ($10.95 at Amazon).

LED milk night-light
LED milk night-light color changing

Source: Food Network Magazine

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The Audrey bathtubs from Sicis resemble a woman's high heel shoe

There is nothing like a beautiful pair of heels, but what about taking a bath in a high heel shoe? These bath tubs from Sicis - The Art Mosaic Factory resemble a woman's high heel shoe. There are several different designs to choose from (Audrey 1 through Audrey 4). These are not just ordinary tubs:  they express great personality and are for lovers of shoes and fashionistas alike.

Aubrey 1 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory
Aubrey 2 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory
Aubrey 3 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory room
Aubrey 4 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory

Source: Sicis - The Art Mosaic Factory

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Janice Pierced-Metal Pendant Chandelier with artfully placed openings is on sale at Horchow

This unique enclosed light fixture is pierced by artfully placed openings to shed light in a play of pattern. Made of iron with golden highlights. 27.5"Dia. x 41.5"T. Uses six 60-watt bulbs.   (Original price:$1,400.00; now $979.90 at Horchow).  Note there is a $150 delivery and processing fee associated with this lighting fixture.

Janice Pierced Metal Light Pendant Chandelier

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The Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven is a stylish addition to any space

Use the Retro Bullet Planter by Hip Haven for plants, as an ice bucket, or to hold odds and ends. The planter is an authentic reproduction of the vintage originals, in shape, size, and the distinctive texture of molded fiberglass. Durable molded fiberglass bowls and powder coated stands will tolerate covered outdoor conditions.  Hip Haven has attempted to reproduce the fiberglass colors as accurately as possible, but variations will occur between pigment lots, and individual computer screens will depict colors differently.

Retro Bullet planter logo

Retro Bullet Planters by Hip Haven
Retro Bullet Planter zoom

short - 16" tall x 15.75" wide - $145

med - 22.75" tall x 15.75" wide - $155

tall - 29.5" tall x 15.75" wide - $160

Retro Bullet Planter sizes

Austin, Texas-based Hip Haven, Inc., headed up by owner and designer Kelley Sandidge, opened for business in early 2002. Hip Haven designs are carried in stores throughout the United States, and are regularly featured in the national media. Mid 20th-century Modern style is their inspiration, with its varied influences from atomic to primitive, but they include accents that depart from the style and allow it to be interpreted in new and interesting ways.

Source: In Style

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Square chip and dip bowl great for entertaining

This square chip and dip bowl is divided into quadrants around a center dip well making entertaining easy and fun!  The bowl is dishwasher-, microwave- and warm oven-safe ($26.95 at Crate and Barrel).

Square chip and dip bowl with food
Square chip and dip bowl empty

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