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Pomegranate Egg Soap are sweetly scented, egg-shaped and adorable

Lovely egg soaps made with shea butter and olive oil that are colored to emulate naturally tinted farm eggs and speckled with fresh ground coffee for light exfoliation ($6.00 for each 2-ounce soup at k. hall designs)

Pomegranate egg soap by k. hall designs
Source:  Southern Living

Ant tablecloth weights are a whimsical way to keep your tablecloth secure

Black Picnic Ants Celebrate the spirit of summer picnics with black ant tablecloth weights!  Your attention to detail creates an enjoyable atmosphere of relaxation, mixed with your parties that are just plain fun!  Heavy weight, these black ant tablecloth weights clip on to tablecloth with metal clips. Keep your picnic tablecloth secure and your food safe from tumbles and wind. Rach says: "Bugs at a picnic get a bad rap, but these Ant Tablecloth Weights protect dinner from the wind." Set of 4 Black Picnic Ants Tablecloth weights ($9.95 at

Ant tablecloth weights

Source: Rachael Ray Magazine

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Mini terrariums make chic table décor as well a cute party favors

These mini terrariums make chic table décor especially when grouped en masse. If you are having a party, they can double as favors too! Just place sand and rocks in the bottom of a fishbowl votive holder. Carefully set small succulents among the rocks -- securing them, if necessary, with toothpicks -- and quench their thirst with a dropper. Seen here is a "Bubble Ball" 4 3/4-inch vase ($2.99 each or 6 for $2.29 each at Save on Crafts)

Mini terrarium

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Anthropologie's Francophile Eiffel Tower Dinner Plate

May your meals never be without a touch of Parisian whimsy!  Depicting both the traditional and the kooky, these charming plates are Anthropologie exclusives from French designer Nathalie Lete. This stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe ($24.00 at Anthropologie)

Eiffel Tower dinner plate by Anthropologie

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

Personalized hand painted, guest book, keepsake platters that can be displayed as a wonderful memento from a special event

Why remember guests from a dusty old, paper guest book? Signature platters get displayed as wonderful, keepsake mementos! A guest book platter is a ceramic plate that has been hand painted with a picture and personalized text in a theme connected to your special event. Invite your guests to sign on the platter with a special ceramic marker (the ink is non-toxic) and you will have a one-of-a-kind, permanent, porcelain heirloom. Platters come in different shapes and sizes depending on your preference and the number of signatures you expect to have on it. After the party, the signed platter is cured in your home oven which then permanently seals the painted design and signatures.

Guest book platters are a unique way to preserve a visible record of the people that attended your special event! They are a great idea for an engagement, wedding, rehearsal dinner, anniversary, shower, birthday, new baby, graduation, retirement, holiday or ... any special event! Chose from a pre-made design or custom design your own platter!

Celebration signature plate eiffel tower
Celebration signature platter birthday
Celebration signature platter wedding
Guest book platter wedding

Source: Celebration Signature Plates, Guest Book Platters

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

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