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Minox digital Leica LM3 camera is a unique synergy of digital photography and nostalgia

This pocket-sized Minox could be described as a Mini Me of the legendary 1950s Leica M - only digital-style. Easy to use and with a resolution of up to five megapixels, this small sensation provides sharp, highly detailed images as well as the kind of styling for which seasoned photographers have been pining away ever since digital photography officially ruled film out as a romantic relic of yesteryear. The camera features a classic flash, USB cable, a 1½" display, up to 4GB of storage, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It is delivered in a wooden presentation case ($449 at Vivre)

Minox digital Leica LM3 camera

Source: ShopStyle

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Twist it! Turn it! The more you play, the more flexible the morph notepad becomes!

The Morph notepads by Kate's Paperie are better than doodling. Their sculptural paper pads make tedious phone calls fly by. Assorted pads include Picasso Face ($19.95), Skeleton Black ($19.95) and Yellow and Green ($22). All available at Kate's Paperie.

Morph Notepads at Kate's Paperie  Morph Notepad at Kate Paperie Picasso Face
Morph Notepad at Kate Paperie Skeleton Black  Morph Notepad at Kate Paperie Yellow and Green

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Pears Shaped Like Baby Buddhas

Shaping fruits and vegetables as they grow on the vine is nothing new. John Czeski, an Ohio farmer, was harvesting pumpkins with human faces in the 1930s. But these adorable baby Buddha pears take playing with food to a whole new level.  A Chinese farmer been tinkering with modified pears since 2003, and this year he's reportedly grown 10,000 edible Buddhas. But are they too cute to eat? 

I think I would eat more fruit if they were shaped like a purse or a shoe.  How about you?

Pears shaped like baby buddhas

Source:  Slash Food

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Go to the head of the class with this must have school essential: fun, cool lunch totes

The Room It Up hip lunch totes are the perfect way to pack your lunch with style. These fully insulated totes includes a front outside pouch pocket, an inside Velcro to hold your drink, and even an elastic mesh pocket to help keep items in place! The patterns that are available are the following: fun flowers, 1980s dot, check it out, merci, camo, heart candy, laguna stripe ($16 at

Lunch tote 1980s dotLunch tote camo
Lunch tote check it outLunch tote fun flower
Lunch tote heart candyLunch tote laguna stripe
Lunch tote merci

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Daniel Boulud's Elegant Ice Cream Dessert: a diva-inspired sweet that is the perfect finale

There has long been a connection between opera and cuisine. Famous singers Nellie Melba and Luisa Tetrazzini both had classic dishes created in their honor, and Daniel Boulud have been lucky enough to invent a dessert for his favorite soprano, Renée Fleming.

In December of 1999, when she was preparing for her signature role of the Marschallin in Der Rosenkavalier at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, Renée was the guest of honor at a gala New Year's Eve benefit at his restaurant Daniel, where she delighted everyone with an impromptu concert. Daniel Boulud wanted to celebrate the diva with a special dessert, so he made a cake that combined chocolate, orange, Champagne Chantilly, and amaretto biscuits. It was a mix of textures and tastes as delicate and extravagant as the Marschallin's aria. And to decorate the top of the cake, they made a special silkscreen of part of the score.

What was originally a five-page recipe has evolved over the years into a simple, sweet, and luscious dessert that is perfect for a glamorous late-summer dinner. This version is a coupe glacée, the French term for a dish of ice cream with fruit, but it is a more elegant concoction including whipped cream and a warm chocolate sauce. Fresh raspberries replace the orange of the original gâteau since chocolate and raspberries are a perennially popular combination (in the fall or winter stewed fruits are fine too). And pistachios add a bit of surprise. When Renée is in New York City she often enjoys this coupe glacée at Bar Boulud, right across from Lincoln Center, following a performance.

Like most desserts, this one is lovely served with Champagne, but Daniel Boulud prefers to open a bottle of Brachetto d'Acqui, a slightly effervescent low-alcohol wine that makes a wonderful pairing with chocolate. And because the wine is produced in northern Italy, not far from Milan and La Scala, it furthers the opera association. Then all you need to do is put on a CD of Renée singing, and you have a perfect concerto dolce.

Daniel Boulud's elegant ice cream dessert

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