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McDonald's Serves Up Free Mocha Mondays

How do you take your coffee? How about free? Stop into a McDonald's between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on any Monday between now and August 3rd and get a free sample of their McCafĂ© Mocha. The fast-food chain will offer either a 7-ounce iced mocha or 8-ounce hot mocha. The promotion is McDonald's newest effort to promote its new line of premium espresso drinks to coffee-drinkers nationwide.  McDonald's McCafĂ© line was introduced in early May and includes hot or iced coffee, lattes and mochas, as well as cappuccinos and hot chocolate.  Please note that there is only one mocha per customer. 

McDonald's Free Mocha Mondays
Source: Slashfood

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Turn the seashells collected from your beach vacation into fun crafts and beautiful ways to decorate your home

A fun craft and easy way to decorate is to create a pretty seashell container, a delightful dish or a desk accessory like a paperweight from shells collected while on your beach vacation.  You can put shells, starfish, and other found items in a glass canister and then use a paint pen or permanent marker to write the vacation location on a sand dollar. Hang it from the side of the canister with twine. Another simple idea is to use a large shell, turned upside down, as a bowl for jewelry. Put it on your bedside table for easy access morning and night. For larger items, such as conch shells or puffy sea biscuits, use them as paperweights on your desk for at least one daily reminder that isn't about something on your to-do list.

Seashell Container
Shell jewelry dish
Shell paperweight

Source: Southern Living

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Bamn! is the only known automat in the United States

BAMN! provides American comfort food that just makes you happy. They offer tasty and high quality food to fuel people on the go. It's the return of the automat, filled with juicy, mouth watering burgers, mac & cheese krokets, chicken fritters, new york grilled cheese sandwiches, curly fries, green-tea soft-serve and lots of other great and delightful treats - made fresh throughout the day. 
What is an automat?  It's a old-fashioned fast food restaurant where food and drinks are served by coin-operated and vending machines.  In the case of Bamn! all of the food is made fresh on the kitchen side of the automat so that the food is guaranteed to be fresh and hot.
Bamn! logo
Bamn Automat sign
Bam is located at 7 St Marks Place (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.) in Manhattan, New York

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Two by Two Cookies by Artisan Biscuits are an elegant update to traditional animal crackers

Artisan Biscuits' Two by Two is a range of natural biscuits for children, cut-out into charming animal character shapes reflected in each box illustration. The adorable, charming shapes of the cookies and the package illustrations are inspired by classic pairs from children's literature. The soothing and delicate vanilla biscuits take its duo from Edward Lear's The Owl and The Pussy Cat. Other inspirations include The Hare and The Tortoise and The Lion and The Mouse. Made by hand in England from organic ingredients, like Madagascan vanilla, pieces of Yorkshire toffee and real strawberry juice, the biscuits contain no hydrogenated oils, additives or preservatives.

Artisan Biscuits Two by Two Animal Crackers
Artisan Biscuits Two by Two Animal Crackers cat and owl

Sources: Cool Hunting; Amazon; igourmet

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Free Baja Fish Tacos from Long John Silver's tomorrow

Long John Silver's is offering their latest fried fish concoction - the Baja Fish Taco - for free tomorrow from the time the restaurant opens until 2:30 p.m.  Note that the website has in very tiny print that there is a limit of only 1 per customer and that this special is available at participating locations.  Before you make the trip in the summer heat, check with your nearest restaurant to see if they offer this special.

Baja Fish Taco at Long John Silver
Baja Fish Tacos from Long John Silver's
Baja Fish Taco at Long John Silver's

Sources:  Long John Silver's; Decider Austin

Posted by Amanda, in General.

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