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Red velvet mini party cake by Vosges

A vision in red with layers of sweet chocolate cake disguised in a scarlet hue, pressed between plenty of cream cheese and white chocolate ganache icing. All natural red food coloring turns this cake a rich shade of sangria, aided by the oxidation of dark cocoa powder. A distinctly Southern recipe, encased in a flower embellished white chocolate shell ($60 at Vosges)

Red velvet mini party cake by Vosges

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Yoga deck helps you start your at home yoga with seventy movable cards

The My Yoga 2 Go Practice System is the only yoga product that contains an easy to follow system of organizing its seven sequences by color and yoga pose cards by number. You choose a sequence according to level of experience and time, identify its color. Then you organize the cards by pose number and insert them in to the pockets of the tote and hang the tote on the wall. The practice deck comes with over 70 yoga posture cards and 7 different sequences ($29.95 at My Yoga 2 Go)

Yoga deck by My Yoga 2 Go

Source: Real Simple

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Roundabouts cupcake sleeves can make even the most boring cupcake a fun experience

From a gumball machine to an order of popcorn, you too can transform standard cupcakes into virtually anything. Roundabouts™ cupcake sleeves are fun for the whole family. Wrap your favorite standard size cupcakes with the self-adhesive sleeves, and use toppings easily found at your grocery store or local party supply store.  These decorative non-bake sleeves will work wonders on ordinary cupcakes!  ($8.99 a dozen at Roundabouts)

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeve baby showerRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve celebrateRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve baseballRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve basketballRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve HalloweenRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve hamburger and french friesRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve ice cream coneRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve margaritaRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve movie nightRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve popcorn
Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeve popcorn and gumballsRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve powder puffRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve wedding

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The Next Food Network Star finalist, Debbie Lee, is opening a new restaurant: Hot Dog Debbie's

According to the Food Network Magazine, Hot Dog Debbie's will serve up serious comfort food like the Morning Dog, topped with a fried egg and maple syrup, and Deb's Special, which comes covered with sauteed kimchi and tender pork belly. This restaurant takes a traditional, All-American food like the hot dog and infuses it with Southern spirit and a Korean kick.

The website is still under construction and the restaurant is set to open this summer although no date has been announced. As soon as we have more information, we'll let you know! In the interim, now is the perfect time to create your own original hotdog meals at home although I seriously doubt mine will include any kimchi. Will yours?

Hot Dog Debbie's Restaurant

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ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

The ChefStack automatic pancake machine is a revolution in the making. Now, for the first time, perfect panless pancakes can be produced in a matter of seconds. With ChefStack, the ultimate comfort food has now become convenient to make. This microwave-sized wonder uses no-mess batter pouches to crank out stack after stack of four-inch diameter pancakes (200 an hour), and doesn't even require supervision, letting you cook up breakfast for you and your crew while you get your other morning activities out of the way -- like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or downing a half-dozen mimosas.

Pancakes are a timeless comfort food. Yet they're often considered unhealthy because of batter additives and heavy, processed syrups and toppings. In contrast, only ChefStack Pancakes are:

  • 97% Fat Free and All-Natural
  • Only 165 Calories Per Two Pancake Serving
  • Portable, Fast, and Always Fresh!

ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

Source: Gizmodo, Chefstack, UnCrate

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