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Shu Uemura oils in beautiful limited-edition bottles by Moyoco Anno

Oil isn't the first thing you think of for washing your face but cult-favorite Shu Uemura's oils gently cleanse the skin with plant extracts. In collaboration with renowned manga artist and beauty expert Moyoco Anno, Shu Uemura introduces playful new packaging for the elixirs. The oils remain the same but the bottles are more beautiful than ever. These new presentations are available for a limited time only, while supplies last.

She Ueumura's oils in limited edition bottles by Moyoco Anno

Limited edition cleansing beauty oil premium a/o: Shu Uemura's #1 selling premium a/o cleansing oil, an anti-aging and anti-oxidant skin purifier that thoroughly cleanses the skin while protecting it against the internal and external aggressions associated with aging. An exquisite contrast of dynamic pine trees in an eye catching bright red color adorns the bottle of premium cleansing oil a/o which is designed with an image of the elegant Tokyo Kamon girl, Matsuno. Moyoco's first creation for the range is intended as a harmonizing image, taking inspiration from her immediate surroundings. $75

Limited edition brightening cleansing oil: This gentle cleansing oil leaves the skin appearing more even-toned, translucent and smoothed. inspired by the color of the brightening cleansing oil, an audacious combination of noble purple and vivid green adorns the bottle of brightening cleansing oil which is designed with an image of the coquettish Tokyo Kamon girl, Katsura. $75

Limited edition high performance cleansing oil fresh: a lightweight cleansing oil that leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined. cute motifs drawn in pink adorn the bottle of cleansing oil fresh which is designed with an image of the the pure and innocent Tokyo Kamon girl, Sakurako. The delicate chrysanthemum adorning the fresh cleansing oil is one of japan's most symbolic flowers that is used as the kamon of the emperor. While the flower is most common in shades of yellow and white, Moyoco adopted pink palette to give the image cuteness and elegance. $65

Limited edition high performance balancing cleansing oil enriched: A rich cleansing oil that leaves dry, dehydrated skin clean and nourished. an eye catching checkered pattern, often used in kimona textiles, adorns the bottle of cleansing oil enriched which is designed with an image of the strong-willed Tokyo Kamon girl, Tamaki. Inspired by the orange shade of the high performance balancing cleansing oil enriched, Moyoko drew Tamaki in the mandarine leaf kamon. $65

Limited edition high performance cleansing oil classic: The original Shu Uemura cleansing oil.  Leaves and vines playfully intertwine in the design for the classic cleansing oil which features an image of the fulfilled Tokyo Kamon girl, Tsuruha. $65

Source: In Style

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Magic beauty color by Givenchy and Jemma Kidd

Gloss Poetique Natural Color-Enhancer Lip Gloss is a
mysterious gloss. A star of Givenchy's Autumn Winter collection, this lip and cheek color is an unexpected surprise. Open the black lacquer jar to reveal a unique, gel-textured formula in the perfect shade of pink to complement any skintone. The subtly glossy finish highlights lips and cheekbones and adds a radiant glow. The product adjusts to the pH of your skin and turns the perfect shade of berry.

Givenchy Gloss Poetique lip gloss

Now, repeat the experiment with Jemma Kidd's new blush on your cheeks.

Internationally renowned makeup guru, award-winning product designer and style icon, Jemma Kidd's designer collection fuses hi-fashion, statement colour and catwalk glamour with performance products that bring the "runway to the curb without breaking the bank.

Finding a shade that mimics a natural flush tone can be an exhausting task. JK Jemma Kidd introduces Cheek ID Color Adapt Blush, a hi-tech formula that interacts with the skin's pH for a perfect match. Using the same technology as the best selling JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color Adapt Gloss, the innovative formula reacts to the natural pH in cheeks for that just right color match, as well as hydrates with added vitamins A and E. It can be applied to bare skin or over base makeup.

Jemma Kidd Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss

Gloss Poetique is available at Sephora ($45) and Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour-Adapt blush is $18 exclusively at Target (in August).

Source: In Style; Jemma Kidd

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User-friendly, innovative hair curlers by Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy's hair curlers are totally different than the usual hair curler. They are user-friendly, require no clips (an odd-looking but ingenious ball-and-elastic innovation holds them in place) and are featherlight, plastic and non-electric. Put the curlers in your hair when it is 50% dry, blow dry and leave in place for 20 minutes for curl heaven! You are left with natural looking soft curls ($36 at Amazon).

Kevin Murphy non-electric hair curlers

Source: Lucky

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Fall Beauty Trend: Gray Nail Polish

This season's beauty trend continues to be all about the smoky, gray nail. By far the "it" color of the season, grey is huge for eyes, nails and even lips.  All pictures below are provided by All Laquered Up: A Polish Fanatic's Resource.  

;Nail Polish Fall Trend Blue Gray

Nail Polish Fall Trend Graphite Gunmetal

Nail Polish Fall Trend Medium Gray
Nail Polish Fall Trend Purple Gray
Nail Polish Fall Trend Light Gray
Source: Style List

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One of the hottest beauty trends for Fall 2009 is red lips

Lipstick dates back 5000 years to ancient Mesopotamia when crushed semi-precious jewels were applied to the lips to achieve shades ranging from bright red to deep purple. The first known lip-painting kit (complete with color-imparting crushed red rocks) was found in the 5,000-year-old tomb of Queen Schub-ad at Ur. Egyptian women adorned their pouts with a concoction of henna, pulverized beetles, and ants, which was deemed so essential they packed a to-go palette for the afterlife. Elizabeth I and the ladies of her court powdered their faces a ghostly white so that their crimson mouths - stained with a coat of poisonous mercuric sulfide - appeared more dramatic. Even prim, makeup-eschewing Victorians smooched red crepe paper in hopes that the tint would transfer to their lips.

L'Oréal is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and lipstick (particularly red lipstick) happens to be staging a major comeback. The fall 2009 runways were overrun with glamorous ruby red lips.

So many women think they can't wear red lipstick. Everyone can wear it; you just have to find the right shade. You also need to decide what kind of attitude you want to convey. Depending on the spirit in which it's worn, red lipstick can be fresh and demure, costumey, punk rock or bombshell sexy.

Red lips fall 2009 beauty trend
Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color, Ms. Right

 Top 10 Reds

1.   Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor in Ms. Right, $10

2.   Laura Mercier Mistress, $22

3.   Chanel Rouge Allure in Lover, $30

4.   M.A.C. Ruby Woo, $14

5.   Shiseido Valentine, $25

6.   YSL Rouge Volupté in Red Muse, $34

7.   Nars Jungle Red, $24

8.   Guerlain Rouge G in Gala, $45

9.   Revlon Fire and Ice, $8

10. Maybelline Color Sensational in Red Revival, $7

Source:  Elle; stylelist

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