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Bohdi green and yellow leather accordian tote

Bodhi's green and yellow accordion tote is constructed of pretty pebbled leather and suede pleats that sit at a fraction of the original height when not in use. This one design is adorable, original, and space-saving--all at once. The bag is made from leather with a suede lining and has a magnetic closure. Derived from the Sanskrit term meaning "awakened consciousness," the word "Bodhi" also translates to "enlightenment." Fittingly, the collection has adopted an enlightened take on design--focusing on sumptuous materials like Italian leathers, lambskin and fur, crushed patents and metallic suedes, plus vibrant colorations and unique twists on traditional silhouettes ($425.60 at Endless)

Bohdi accordian tote
Accordian purse

Posted by Amanda, in Handbags.

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