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Demeter NECCO Sweetheart scent collections at Sephora

Demeter's Sweethearts Collection is a line of three new scents inspired by NECCO Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Today's bestselling Valentine's Day candy, the sweet and expressive pastel sugar hearts with quirky sayings are an American icon synonymous with Valentine's Day. Demeter makes these Valentine's day sentiments available year-round, all year long, with a collection of floral bouquets.

Be My Valentine scent: Demeter NECCO Sweethearts "Be My Valentine" is an unique sparkling scent with peach skin, strawberry leaf, caramelized sugar, and ylang ylang, that captures the magic of Valentine's Day in a bottle, all year round.
Notes: Peach Skin, Strawberry Leaf, Caramelized Sugar, Ylang Ylang.
Style: Fruity. Fun. Frivolous (1 oz Cologne Spray is $20 at Sephora)

Demeter NECCO Sweetheart scent collections Be My Valentine

Call Me scent: An unusual combination of lemon zest, jasmine, honeysuckle, water lotus, and white rose, Demeter's NECCO Sweethearts Collection "Call Me" scent is simply irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with it.
 Notes: Lemon Zest, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Water Lotus, White Rose. Style:
Fresh. Floral. Enticing ($20 at Sephora)

Demeter NECCO Sweetheart scent collections Call Me

Love Me scent: The most delicate of the NECCO Sweethearts, Demeter's Love Me is a transparent and light fruity floral containing orange, lemon, bergamot, peach, white rose, ylang ylang, subtle skin musk and soft vanilla, to be shared only up close and personal.
Notes: Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Peach, White Rose, Ylang Ylang, Subtle Skin Musk, Soft Vanilla.
Style: Sexy. Impressionable. Lovable ($20 at Sephora)

Demeter NECCO Sweetheart scent collections Love Me

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