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Bocca by Studio 65 lipstick red love seat

Bocca by Studio 65's famous lipstick red sofa adds a smile to any environment. This new version is a love seat for two and is made from one piece roto molder polymer plastic and suitable for use indoors and out. The sofa is made in Italy by Heller. "Bocca" in Italian means "mouth" and this sofa first came to international attention in the early 1970s. Founded in 1965 by Franco Audrito and a team of young designers, Studio 65 created cult objects such as the Attica and the Capitello chair. Today, with offices around the globe, the firm has created landmark buildings throughout the world ($1,100.00 at Hive Modern)

Bocca red lips sofa
Lipstick red love seat

Source: ShopStyle

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