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Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin has the only swimming pool in central Venice

If Venice is a theatre, then Hotel Cipriani is the Royal Box. It is a resort: a way of life, an island apart, in every sense. It involves all the senses that make a stay unforgettable. Four minutes by private launch from San Marco, on the tip of the Giudecca Island, the Cipriani is synonym for the dolce vita, Venetian style. There are 95 Rooms & Suites sharing a view to be seen nowhere else, restaurants to please the finest palates and impeccable service await you.

Hotel Cipriani exterior

Hotel Cipriani aerial view showing pool

Hotel Cipriani's heated Olympic size swimming pool (32 x 19 metres) is the only one in central Venice, and has filtered salt water. The pool area is also the centre of attention for some spectacular events at the Cipriani, like the Redentore Feast held in July each year. An evening of dining and entertainment around the pool ends with the spectacular firework display that can be viewed from the Fondamenta delle Zitelle.

Hotel Cipriani Swimming Pool

From spring to autumn, the Poolside Restaurant serves alfresco, buffet-style lunches and snacks, including an array of regional specialities, grilled delicacies and a wide selection of beverages. 

This informal snack restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a light lunch between one swim in the pool and a lazy afternoon in the sunshine or exploring Venice - its location just on the lagoon borders has an incomparable and relaxed view.

Hotel Cipriani Pool Restaurant
The Fortuny Restaurant features delicately blown glass, precious fabrics and amber-coloured mirrors, magnificent views of the lagoon as far as the eyes can see and architectural details reminiscent of St. Mark's domes.  This atmosphere creates the perfect setting for a relaxed candlelit dinner. The Fortuny Restaurant has two terraces bordering the lagoon, the Fortuny and Antique Terrace. Both are set in lush, flowered gardens and can be reserved for special events or private parties.
Hotel Cipriani Fortuny Restaurant

Hotel Cipriani Restaurants

Bars: There are 3 bars at the Hotel Cipriani:  (1) The Gabbiano Bar
is a brand new bar that awaits Cipriani's clients.  It's one of the most famous meeting points in Venice and it is full of grand style. Facing the most unique pool in Venice, the Gabbiano Bar aims to become the landmark of the Hotel Cipriani, the gathering spot for clients and venetians - the place to see and be seen. Enjoy an aperitif before dinner, prepared and served by our head barman Walter Bolzanella, or an after-dinner drink along with the stars and celebrities in the romantic Piano Bar. (2) The Fortuny Bar overlooks Cipriani's enchanting gardens and the lagoon. 
Here their skillful barmen will mix delicious seasonal fruit-juice based cocktails and long drinks (Bellini, Tiziano, Roger, Mimosa) or prepare your own choice of beverage. Music is played from early evening by the resident pianist. (3) The Pool Bar
is open from spring to autumn and serves delicious cocktails and a wide selection of beverages on the patio or by the pool. 
A refreshing cocktail is the perfect way to enjoy the magnificent views between dips in the pool. 

Hotel Cipriani Bars

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The Propoganda Stap Man Stapler is inspired by the world's most recognized video game

Designed by Ankul Assavaviboonpan, the Stap Man is just waiting for your squeeze and start stapling away. Put this whimsical stapler on your desk and turn it into his battlefield. Once you get going, you will find it hard to stop. You can find this fun stapler at Panik Design for £16.00.

Stap Man Stapler

Source: Gizmodo

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Drop Dead Diva, a spirited new comedic drama, premieres tonight on Lifetime

Drop Dead Diva puts a uniquely compelling twist on the age-old battle between brains and beauty. The Lifetime series, beginning tonight at 9 pm ET/PT, is one of the few shows on television to cast an overweight character with an actor who is actually overweight. On series like "30 Rock" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine," purportedly slovenly, overeating characters are portrayed by petite, pretty actresses. Jane, the lawyer heroine of "Drop Dead Diva," played by Brooke Elliott thinks like Elle in "Legally Blond" but looks like more like Camryn Manheim on "The Practice."

The show tells the story of a beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe, Deb, who has a fatal car accident and suddenly finds herself in front of Heaven's gatekeeper, Fred, who declares her a self-centered "zero." Outraged, Deb attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence but is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott). A brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney with a loyal assistant (Margaret Cho), Jane has always lived in the shadow of her more comely colleagues, whereas Deb has always relied on her external beauty. Now, by a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane's plus-size frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.

Drop Dead Diva tv poster

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Entourage Season 6 returns on HBO tonight after a more than 7 month hiatus

After five seasons, it seems as though the boys from Entourage are finally ready to grow up. Vince, Drama, Turtle and E return this Sunday at 10:30pm for the Entourage Season 6 premiere, and maturity is finally setting in.

It's been more than seven months since we last saw HBO's hip crew, and Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) spent his hiatus starring in Martin Scorsese's Gatsby. As Entourage season 6 begins, the film is ready to open and relaunch Vince's career.

However, as has always been the case, Vince isn't particularly interesting. He's a surprisingly bland actor who is immune to the world. He has fun, sleeps with sexy women in coat closets and cars, and lets nothing alter his mood. The rest of the gang is a different story.

Entourage Season 6 tv poster

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Nambé Lounge chip and dip by Neil Cohen will serve you well when entertaining

Fun is at the forefront of Neil Cohen's designs, and perhaps never more so than in his spirited Lounge Chip and Dip for Nambé. Relaxed yet commanding and undeniably appealing, this precocious tray will serve you well no matter who you're entertaining. The chip end is generous and beveled; the other, a more structured hollow holding up to 2 ounces of dip. You'll find it equally at home with guacamole and tortilla chips as with caviar and crackers. Heated slightly, the Lounge is a showcase setting for crab cakes and warm remoulade; chill it and present a platter of cold shrimp and cocktail sauce. Playful and praised, this versatile piece earned a design recognition at the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Exhibition in 2005.  The Lounge can be preheated to 500 degrees or chilled in the freezer.
Nambe Lounge Chip and Dip platter
Nambe lounge chip and dip with appetizers
Nambe Lounge Chip and Doug on placemat

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