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151-Pound SpongeBob SquarePants Cupcake Sets Guinness Record

A cupcake weighing in at 151 pounds has been certified as the world's largest by Guinness World Records. Fifteen pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing decorate the 1-foot tall, 2-foot wide sugary sweet. Guinness World Records adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. called it a "fun and creative achievement." The cupcake was made by, which is run by cake-decoration supplier and marketer DecoPac. Company spokeswoman Jamie Miller said the giant cupcake will go to a pig farm. The company decided against giving away pieces to mall patrons because most would not have had frosting. Instead, gave away 4,000 smaller cupcakes.

A candle topped the creation, bringing the total height to 4 feet. The cupcake's final size yielded 1,500 servings.

 The world record cupcake was made as part of a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Nickelodeon character SpongeBob SquarePants held at Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe.

World's Biggest Cupcake

Sources: Associated Press, AOL

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McDonald's Serves Up Free Mocha Mondays

How do you take your coffee? How about free? Stop into a McDonald's between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on any Monday between now and August 3rd and get a free sample of their McCafé Mocha. The fast-food chain will offer either a 7-ounce iced mocha or 8-ounce hot mocha. The promotion is McDonald's newest effort to promote its new line of premium espresso drinks to coffee-drinkers nationwide.  McDonald's McCafé line was introduced in early May and includes hot or iced coffee, lattes and mochas, as well as cappuccinos and hot chocolate.  Please note that there is only one mocha per customer. 

McDonald's Free Mocha Mondays
Source: Slashfood

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Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the coolest bar on the Strip to beat the heat this summer

Las Vegas is known for its magical hot spots and steamy nightclub scene but a new bar in town is putting a freeze on all that. Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay is Las Vegas' coolest bar - literally. Inside the bar, everything is made entirely of ice and temperatures are kept at a constant minus five degrees Celsius, or 23 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Minus 5 is the first permanent ice lounge in America. It was all started by Craig Ling of New Zealand. The whole experience starts when you walk through the door. Once inside, each guest is greeted by promo girls and then you enter the briefing room where everyone is outfitted in insulated parkas, boots and gloves - a requirement for entry. 400 people a day are outfitted before led into the 2,000 square foot super-refrigerated lounge. There are about 350 blocks of ice in the bar and they use Canadian ice because it's clear. When you walk in, you see a whole room of ice - the chandelier, couches, the bar. Everything is a work of art. Even the glasses are made of ice and Minus 5 melts through 3,500 of them a week. The glasses are made from some of the most pure water in the world: New Zealand artesian water. The glasses are molded and shipped frozen. Minus 5's drinks aren't your boring old hot toddies. They have 12 signature cocktails which contain exotic fresh fruits and lots and lots of premium vodka. It's so cold that patrons are advised only to spend 30 minutes at a time inside the bar. To really chill out, you have to hit Vegas' Minus 5: the country's coldest, hot spot.

Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ad
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Glasses
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Bar
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Statue
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Sculpture Bar
Sources:  The Las Vegas Adventurer, The Tyte Life, Travel Agent Central,, Travel Channel

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Turn the seashells collected from your beach vacation into fun crafts and beautiful ways to decorate your home

A fun craft and easy way to decorate is to create a pretty seashell container, a delightful dish or a desk accessory like a paperweight from shells collected while on your beach vacation.  You can put shells, starfish, and other found items in a glass canister and then use a paint pen or permanent marker to write the vacation location on a sand dollar. Hang it from the side of the canister with twine. Another simple idea is to use a large shell, turned upside down, as a bowl for jewelry. Put it on your bedside table for easy access morning and night. For larger items, such as conch shells or puffy sea biscuits, use them as paperweights on your desk for at least one daily reminder that isn't about something on your to-do list.

Seashell Container
Shell jewelry dish
Shell paperweight

Source: Southern Living

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MOZI kitchen accessories inspired by the owners' childhood pets are whimsical, delightful and simply adorable

Camilla and Olivia Tipler, owners of MOZI, grew up surrounded by their beloved pets including Peter Rabbit, Max the Giant Poodle and Pepper the blackbird. These have provided inspiration for their designs and have woven their way into the very fabric of MOZI. Also heavily influenced by their far-away travels and love for all things exotic, MOZI's designs are a fusion of color, pattern, theme and subject that inspire the imagination. The designs are currently applied to over twenty-five products falling into six main categories from kitchen textiles to stationery.  These are some favorites from Mozi's kitchen category, but they also offer lots of fun stuff.

Mozi cute kitchen accessories

Source: Jars of Cute

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