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The Next Food Network Star finalist, Debbie Lee, is opening a new restaurant: Hot Dog Debbie's

According to the Food Network Magazine, Hot Dog Debbie's will serve up serious comfort food like the Morning Dog, topped with a fried egg and maple syrup, and Deb's Special, which comes covered with sauteed kimchi and tender pork belly. This restaurant takes a traditional, All-American food like the hot dog and infuses it with Southern spirit and a Korean kick.

The website is still under construction and the restaurant is set to open this summer although no date has been announced. As soon as we have more information, we'll let you know! In the interim, now is the perfect time to create your own original hotdog meals at home although I seriously doubt mine will include any kimchi. Will yours?

Hot Dog Debbie's Restaurant

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Ant tablecloth weights are a whimsical way to keep your tablecloth secure

Black Picnic Ants Celebrate the spirit of summer picnics with black ant tablecloth weights!  Your attention to detail creates an enjoyable atmosphere of relaxation, mixed with your parties that are just plain fun!  Heavy weight, these black ant tablecloth weights clip on to tablecloth with metal clips. Keep your picnic tablecloth secure and your food safe from tumbles and wind. Rach says: "Bugs at a picnic get a bad rap, but these Ant Tablecloth Weights protect dinner from the wind." Set of 4 Black Picnic Ants Tablecloth weights ($9.95 at

Ant tablecloth weights

Source: Rachael Ray Magazine

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Mini terrariums make chic table décor as well a cute party favors

These mini terrariums make chic table décor especially when grouped en masse. If you are having a party, they can double as favors too! Just place sand and rocks in the bottom of a fishbowl votive holder. Carefully set small succulents among the rocks -- securing them, if necessary, with toothpicks -- and quench their thirst with a dropper. Seen here is a "Bubble Ball" 4 3/4-inch vase ($2.99 each or 6 for $2.29 each at Save on Crafts)

Mini terrarium

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Top 10 Best Airports of 2009

Every year Skytrax, a company that specializes in aviation research, organizes a massive consumer satisfaction survey to determine the best airports in the world. This year 8.6 million passengers at 190 airports offered up their opinions on everything from airport navigation to culinary options to amenities, in order to establish this year's winners. For the first time in seven years Hong Kong fell to second place, beat out by Incheon Airport in South Korea. Still, Skytrax reports that the top three contenders were neck-to-neck, making this year's contest the closest ever.

Some of the winners have amenities as wide-ranging as golf courses, casinos, spas, and indoor gardens, making them veritable destinations in their own right (and making it easy to see why consumers love them). Surprisingly, not one airport in North America made the top ten, not even the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, which won first place in the region.

1. Incheon International Airport: In addition to placing first in the world (up from third place last year), this light-filled airport in Seoul, South Korea also won first in class for cleanliness. It's easy-to-navigate layout (only one terminal) also makes it a favorite among consumers, but what really catapulted this Korean masterpiece to first place are all of the extras--everything from a golf course, casino, and spa, to seven indoor gardens and a museum dedicated to Korean culture that houses a collection of relics covering 5,000 years of Korean history.

Incheon International Airport
2. Hong Kong: After seven years on top, Hong Kong must be smarting after losing first place to Incheon. Still, there's nothing painful about layovers at this airport. Like Incheon, it's single-terminal layout makes navigation easy and you won't go hungry here-- the airport placed first in class for dining. The design is first-rate with awesome views over Hong Kong and while the city is only 25 minutes away by shuttle, you might not want to leave before exploring what the airport has to offer--you can do everything here from watching a movie, to having your nails done to catching a round of golf or shopping a string of boutiques (Prada, Gucci, Versace) that rivals New York's Fifth Avenue.
Hong Kong International Airport

3. Singapore Changi: Changi in Singapore may not be as futuristic in design or airy and light-filled as the top two winners this year, but what it lacks in outward design, it more than makes up with interior appeal. Not only did the airport place third worldwide, it also topped the "best amenities" list. At Changi, it's not hard to relax before a flight--travelers can nap in one of the napping areas, unwind on an orchid-filled indoor nature trail, get a massage at their spa, catch a movie at their 24-hour theater, or even cool down in the rooftop swimming pool.

Singapore Changi Airport

4. Zurich: Moving up to fourth place from eighth place last year, Zurich also ranked first among all European airports. Sure, Zurich boasts its fair share of between-flight amenities, including an IMAX theater, a planetarium, and a museum which contains over 3,000 objects pertaining to the history of transportation, but it's really their dedication to customer service that has kept them moving up the ranks year over year. Zurich airport ensures that customers are happy and things are running smoothly with a central office that coordinates everything from airline arrivals and baggage to customs and security.

Zurich Airport

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Dentists recommend flossing but would you use food flavored floss?

Archie McPhee offers a line of floss that taste like fried bacon, waffles, coffee and cupcakes.   

Bacon Floss: Now you can improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon. Is there anything bacon can't improve? Each 2-1/2" tall plastic dispenser contains 27.3 yards of waxed floss ($4.95 at Archie McPhee)

Bacon flavored floss

Breakfast Floss: Who needs breakfast when you've got Breakfast Floss? Start off your day by using the coffee flavor on your lower teeth, then switch over to the waffle and bacon flavors for your uppers. Quite possibly the most delicious way to keep yourself out of the dentist's chair. Each package contains three 1-1/2" tall plastic dispensers that contain 12 yards of waxed dental floss ($5.95 each)

Breakfast flavored floss coffee, waffles, bacon

Frosting Flavored Cupcake Floss: Turn a boring nightly routine into a party in your mouth with Cupcake Floss! Be careful though, the delicious frosting flavor might turn you into a flossaholic! Each 2-1/2" tall plastic dispenser contains 27.3 yards of waxed floss ($4.95)

Cupcake frosting flavored floss

Source: Food Network Magazine

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