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Doris Panos diamond guard rings are beautifully individually or stacked together

All of the guards feature VVS1 diamonds in an18-karat yellow gold setting. Each ring is sold individually at Neiman Marcus.

• Oval Guard Ring: Shown top and bottom. 0.20 total carat weight ($1,320.00 each)

• Pavé Guard Ring: Shown second and fourth. 0.15 total carat weight ($1,340.00 each)

• Biana Guard Ring: Shown center. Square-cut stones. 0.5 total carat weight ($3,040.00 each)

Doris Panos diamond guard rings

About Doris Panos: As a businesswoman, artisan, mother, and daughter, Doris Panos understands that modern American women experience the joy and strain of playing many different roles. And so, she creates designs that are as versatile as they are bold--for instance, she designs oval-shaped bangles in an array of sizes because she knows that women still need to use their hands while wearing bracelets and rings. Having spent years working both in manufacturing and in the diamond/colored stone market, Panos ensures the quality of her jewelry on all levels. After all, jewelry design is in her blood. While her father was a dentist, all of her uncles were jewelers.

Posted by Amanda, in Jewelry.

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