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Pay Close Attention When Getting your Next Auto Insurance Quote

Here at PoshPosh we bring you the best fashion and luxury items money can buy, make sure they are covered by your home or auto insurance policy. Recently I returned from a vacation with a suitcase of all the nice clothing and accoutrements you might expect to have when setting out for a fun filled week. After stopping at a local store on the way home I returned to find not only my car damaged but my suitcase gone and a sick feeling in my stomach.


Upon review of my auto insurance policy I was further saddened to learn that I had neglected to include content coverage when I was shopping for an auto insurance quote. My loss was substantial and I wasn't satisfied with simply giving up. A friend told me to have my renters policy reviewed by my insurance agent, and as fortune would have it I did qualify for coverage of the loss based on content clause I had included in my renters policy. Of course I had to pay a deductible but my loss was far less thanks to being properly insured. This prompted me to get a new auto insurance quote and I was pleased once again to see how little the add ons like content coverage really are.     

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