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Padded underwear is for those women and men who want a little more backside

Wanting a little more "junk in the trunk" is not something I have ever wished for but many women and men can't help but feel like something is lacking in their derriere region. Women like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been praised as sexy for having curves in all the right places. While implants are an option, there is another option for boosting your booty.

Applying the same concept to underwear as padded bras, these underwear open the door to whole new world of wonders! These rear-enhancing underwear come in different styles and will give you similar effects beneath jeans, slacks, skirts, or dresses. Some come with pockets into which you place inserts. That way, you can easily remove the pads before you throw the underwear into the wash. Also, some inserts are made of silicone, which ensures a more natural feel. Others are designed with built-in non-silicone padding, but will still give you that natural shape. Notice that the men are not to be left out!

Would you wear these?  If so, they can all be purchased at Amazon.

Padded underwear before and after

  1. Tatiana Silicone Buttocks ($40)

  2. Bitty Bum Padded Hipster ($25)

  3. Pop Up Booty Enhancer ($25)

    Woman padded underwear

  1. Sporty Bum Padded Panty ($26)

  2. Shaper Buttock Enhancer ($19.99)

  3. Hip & Butt Enhancer ($36.85)

  4. Fit 'N' Firm Padded Boy Short ($16.50)

Padded underwear for women

  1. Padded Butt Boxer Brief ($28.80)

  2. Padded Butt Brief ($30)

  3. Super Padded Boy Brief ($30)

  4. Super Padded Boxer Brief ($35)

    Padded underwear for men

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