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Flexible resin "Lava" vase designed Gaetano Pesce and manufactured by Fish Design is an unusual decorative item for your home

Fish Design is a collection of pieces designed by Gaetano Pesce, an architect, artist and designer. Unique objects, each one different from the next, are the concept that encapsulates the Fish Design philosophy. The creativity of the craftsperson, the unpredictability of the fluids, and the opportunity to insert variables - from choice of color to distribution of materials - are some of the paths to obtaining the diversity and uniqueness of a Fish Design object. The choice of materials is an essential element and the use of fluid, dynamic, variable, and expressive resins was not a casual choice. Plastic materials represent the idea of the future for Gaetano Pesce and have offered him the opportunity to innovate and search for a new concept of beauty.

'Lava' is a flexible resin vase that is part of the special collection by Fish Design. Each special object bears the Fish Design logo, progressive number, and year of production. Because of Fish Design's manufacturing process, each piece is an original and so bubbles, imperfections, and dimension variations vary widely ($850 at Moss)

Lava vase by Gaetano Pesce and Fish Design

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