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Cakes shaped like a jack o'lantern, a witch's hat and a ghost cast the perfect spell for Halloween

Jack O' Lantern Cake: Light up your Halloween table with this festive cake in a festive pumpkin shape. Created for Williams-Sonoma by Sam Godfrey of Perfect Endings, the confection is composed of six layers of devil's food cake alternating with five layers of wicked chocolate truffle-caramel cream filling. Cloaked in orange fondant (the handmade kind, of course), the pumpkin comes complete with a chocolate fondant stalk. Shipped frozen. 5 1/2" diam., 5 1/2" high (serves 8-10).

Halloween Jack O'Lantern Cake from Williams Sonoma

Witch's Hat Cake: Casting a spell for Halloween, this pointy witch's headgear is actually an edible triumph from Sam Godfrey's Perfect Endings, a Napa Valley specialty bakery famous for its one-of-a-kind creations. The whimsical "hat" alternates five layers of rich, dense chocolate cake with a luscious devil's food chocolate filling, all decoratively cloaked in premium chocolate fondant. A lime-green band and orange buckle add realistic finishing detail. Shipped frozen. 9" diam., 8" high overall (serves 8-10).

Halloween Witch's Hat Cake at Williams Sonoma

Ghost Cake: This ghost will appear and then disappear very quickly from your Halloween party table. Created by Sam Godfrey, presiding magician and master baker at Napa Valley's Perfect Endings, the classic billowing sheet of white chocolate fondant conceals a dreamy five-layer red velvet cake with fluffy vanilla-cream cheese filling. The dessert is made with premium ingredients according to an old family recipe, right down to its traditional deep burgundy color. Shipped frozen. 5" diam., 5 1/2" high (serves 6-8).

Halloween Ghost Cake from Williams Sonoma

$99 each at Williams-Sonoma

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