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Two cool and fun cameras at Urban Outfitters

Twin Lens Reflex Holga Camera: Quick reflexes. Taking dreamlike, vibrant photos, this 120 format Twin Lens Reflex camera from Holga captures images with a multiple exposure effect using 2 lenses - making anything you shoot an instant piece of art. Pop-up waist-level viewfinder that can also be used as a standard viewfinder; built-in flash; lead shutter speed of 1/100 seconds; ISO 21 or 27; adjustable focus; tripod mounting socket. Imported. Wipe clean.
* Takes 2 AA batteries for flash, not included
* 120mm film, not included
* 5"w, 3"d, 3.5"h * Plastic ($80 at Urban Outfitters)

Twin Lens Reflex Holga Camera at Urban Outfitters Twin Lens Reflex Holga Camera at Urban Outfitters alternate view
Twin Lens Reflex Holga Camera at Urban Outfitters back view Twin Lens Reflex Holga Camera at Urban Outfitters zoom

Superheadz Blackbird Camera: Blackbirds are for pictures, not for baking into pies. This vintage-inspired 35mm twin-reflex camera from Superheadz, with modern styling and quality optics, is easy to use and gives the user a great deal of control. Features 35mm lens with focal adjustment, 2 exposure settings (f7/f11), 2 shutter speeds, a hot shoe and 2 masks for cropping your film. Create fun photos by shooting without a mask; the image will bleed over the edge of the film, into the perforations. Finished with a viewfinder at the top. Imported. Wipe clean.
* Takes 35mm film * 2.5"W, 2.5"D, 4.5"H
* Plastic, electronics ($125 at Urban Outfitters)

Superheadz Blackbird Camera at Urban Outfitters  Superheadz Blackbird Camera Urban Outfitters alternate view
Superheadz Blackbird Camera Urban Outfitters back view  Superheadz Blackbird Camera Urban Outfitters zoom

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