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Strange and unbelievable cakes

I definitely like looking at cakes as well as eating cakes and I am very appreciative of creative baking.  With that said, some of these cakes are just too weird or unappetizing looking that I just don't know how much I'd really enjoy eating them.  The rat, for example.  I just think that is ... well, frankly ... gross!  Some of the other cakes are interesting and definitely different.  Would you eat a cake that looked like meat? or a rat? or a fish?
Cake brown bear
Cake dentures
Cake dragon
Cake fish
Cake meat
Cake Millenium Falcon
Cake octopus
Cake rat
Cake scorpion
Cake sushi
Cake tank
Cake tennis shoe

Cake tire

Sources:  Strange World, American Aquarium Products, My Amazing Fact, Zimbio, Inventor Spot, Slippery Brick, Foodzie, Strange World

Posted by Amanda, in General.

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