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More of the strangest shoes in fashion today

Here are some more of the strangest shoes in fashion today. Despite the fact that some are innovative and funny others are just downright disturbing. Would you wear any of these shoes? I don't think I would other than possibly a few of them for a Halloween costume. Even then, I'd probably wipe out and break my ankle. I'm not sure any of these fashion statements are worth the risk.

The Claw Shoe: Goths will probably love this shoe with the heel designed to look like a talon. Personally, I like my shoes to actually cover my feet and toes so I'm not crazy about the idea of walking around (if I could even walk) with my toes on the pavement and anything else they might touch.

The Claw Shoe

The Center Heel Corkscrew Shoe: This strange shoe has a heel in the center which is not exactly where we are used to seeing the heel. Even stranger is the fact that the heel is a corkscrew. Somehow I think balancing on this shoe would making walking more effort than I really want to give a shoe.

Center Heel Corkscrew Shoe

The Tarantula Shoe: The tarantula shoe is a sky-high platform design that is not only a danger to weak ankle but to anyone that might come in to contact with it since encased in this "fashionable" shoe is a live tarantula. Umm ... I don't think so!

Tarnantula Shoe

The Gameboy Shoe: This geeky shoe design features working retro Gameboys which can actually be removed and played. This multi-function fashion item serves both as a functional shoe and a portable entertainment system! Too bad I don't know how to use a Gameboy.

Gameboy Shoe

The Rat Shoe: This disturbing shoe might be great for Halloween but this shoe is not for the faint at heart. I think I'd be too grossed out to wear it even as part of a Halloween costume! Frankly, these shoes I find repulsive to even look at much less wear!

Rat Shoe

The Pant Shoe: Are these pants, shoes or both? I wonder how long they take to lace up?

Pant Shoe

Cardboard Shoe: Artist Mike Leavitt featured a cardboard shoe show in NYC in April 2009. The shoe designs, at a glance, don't look so unusual since they follow sneaker designs of popular shoe manufacturers but the material makes them different. While it might be a great idea for a sustainable fashion statement, these shoes would hit the recycling box after even the briefest encounter with inclement weather.

Cardboard shoe

Hot Wheels Shoe: These shoes are designed by Ronaldo Frago and are not actually made by Hot Wheels. The wheels aren't real but these functional flats are the cutest ones on this list! By comparison, these shoes seem "normal."

Hot Wheels Shoe

The Landscape Shoe: This shoe cracks me up. If you love green pastures and livestock, then this shoe is for you. While I appreciate that it is artistic in its design, it certainly doesn't seem to be a practical choice for a shoe. Unlike the real pasture that has a tree, cow, horse and stray lumber, these shoes would most certainly be ruined with the first rainfall of the season.

Landscape Shoe

Source: InventorSpot

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