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Glamour Mocca jewelry from Swarovski makes an opulent and bold statement

Glamour Mocca Necklace: This necklace spells opulence! Wear it with a twist for a trendy appeal. The combinations of beautifully handcrafted colored crystals lend it a sensational sparkle. Size: 16 1/2 inch ($650 at Swarovski)

Glamour Mocca necklace from Swarovski

Glamour Mocca Pierced Earrings: On-trend chandelier-styled pair of earrings make a truly gorgeous statement. The combinations of beautifully handcrafted cut and colored crystals enhance a spectacular sparkle. Combine them with the bracelet and make a statement of opulence. Size: 2 3/16 inch ($150 at Swarovski)

Glamour Mocca earrings from Swarovski
Glamour Mocca Bracelet: Colored crystals entwined elegantly add shimmer to every flick of the wrist. This beautiful bracelet adds a touch of high fashion to any look. The bracelet can be worn with the Glamour Mocca Necklace for a formal, glamorous event. Size: 7 7/8 inch ($425 at Swarovski)  
Glamour Mocca bracelet from Swarovski

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