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Decorative Italian green platter with rustic finish is handmade so no two pieces are identical

This decorative Italian platter is 16th Century Renaissance inspired ceramic art of Tuscany. Each platter is hand prepared using original techniques passed down through generations of Italian artisans families. Antique distressing gives this Italian piece a rustic look. It is 17 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep. Note that the platter is is for decorative purposes only and it is not food safe.

Cultural Description / Significance: Rustic Pottery makers were traditionally a family-based concern. Potter's started work at about 8 years of age. Young boys prepared the clay that men had excavated, while women were responsible for decorating the pots and applying the glazes. Unique in style and tradition, these ceramic sculptures are hand prepared, using a secret mix of clay ingredients, mixing several different colored paints in order to achieve one true color, then glazed inside and out, finally placed in a traditional wood burning kiln at a specific temperature and precise time in order to achieve a perfect masterpiece. These methods and techniques are original, and have been passed down through generations of Italian artisan families ($205 at Cultural Elements; also available in yellow)

Decorative Italian rustic green platter
Decorative Italian rustic green platter side view
Decorative Italian rustic green platter zoom

Source: Food Network Magazine

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