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ColorOn EyeEnvy is a revolutionary new one-size-fits-all mineral cream eyeshadow applique

Designed by a celebrity make-up artist, the ColorOn Professional EyeEnvy kits contains peel-off mineral cream eyeshadows that are 100% hypo-allergenic, long-wearing, and crease-proof. With stunning colors and avant-garde designs, these appliqués fit every eye size and shape and can be applied in minutes.
 The eyeshadow is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic frangrances, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals and phthalates. A Sephora-exclusive, each box contains five pairs of eye shadow appliqués, one jar of GetSet setting powder, and one powder application brush. Step-by-step instructions with application tricks and tips are also included. The kits come in 5 different appliques: Tropics, Smokey, Exotic, Rhapsody in Grey and Flaunt ($25 at Sephora)

Color On Eye Envy Exotic Kit
Color On Eye Envy Flaunt Kit
Color On Eye Envy Rhapsody in Grey Kit
Color On Eye Envy Smokey Kit
Color On Eye Envy Tropics Kit

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