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Bolle vases by Tapio Wirkkala are a colorful investment for your home

These luminous glass vases designed by the mid-century Finnish maestro, Tapio Wirkkala, employ the traditional incalmo technique, which combines separate masses of colored glass into one form. They were manufactured in Venini, Italy of Murano glass in 1968. This series of five bottles employs the "Incalmo" technique wherein two different types of glass, worked separately, are fused together to obtain, within a single object, separate areas differentiated by colors. This technique was developed and perfected by the master glass-workers at Venini. The set includes 5 different bottles: green/yellow/violet, grey/amethyst, grey/aquamarine, straw yellow/apple green and straw yellow and red. Each bottle can be purchased separately or all five can be purchased as a set (From 1360 to $2480 individually; $8,240 for the set of 5 at Moss)

  • Bolle Bottle in green/yellow/violet ($2,480)
  • Bolle Bottle in grey/amethyst ($1,360)
  • Bolle Bottle in grey/aquamarine ($1,520)
  • Bolle Bottle in straw yellow/apple green ($1,520)
  • Bolle Bottle in straw/red ($1,360.00)
Bolle bottles set of 5
Bolle Bottle in green, yellow and violet
Bolle Bottle in grey and amethyst
Bolle Bottle in grey and aquamarine
Bolle Bottle in straw and apple green
Bolle Bottle in straw and red

Source: Metropolitan Home

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