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Twisters vase collection by Arik Levy for Gaia & Gino celebrates movement and optical iillusions

"Twister is a collection of vases celebrating movement and optical illusions. The Twister rotates on its axis, creating an endless amount of virtual surface. Twisters also express infinity and continuation and for these reasons they are hypnotic" says Arik Levy. Since its debut in New York in 2004, Gaia & Gino - named for founder Gaye Cevikel's nickname and her dog Gino - has distinguished itself with quirky, innovative and unusual products and earned a reputation as one of the international design scene's most promising young brands. The company's commitment to excellent design, to integrating fresh concepts into everyday home life and to creating eye-catching objects within a traditional context, has resulted in successful partnerships with some of the world's most influential designers. "We strive to differentiate our products by exploring our turkish heritage in a subtle way and then converting cultural concepts into unique and innovative objects" explains Gaye Cevikel of her distinctive brand philosophy ($260 for small; $420 for medium; $536 for large at Unica Home)

Twisters vase by Arik Levy for Gaia & Gino

Source: ShopStyle

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