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Gentlemen's Tonic, a unique establishment founded in the heart of Mayfair, London, has recently opened its international flagship location in Houston, Texas

Gentlemen's Tonic is an upscale grooming salon that affords the modern man a traditional barbershop and offers services like massages, facials, pedicures and other spa-type services for men. The establishment comprises elements of old and new: wood, leather and marble are mixed with high-tech music consoles and LCD screens in each of the private haircutting stations and treatment rooms. The services and products have been carefully selected and personally tested for quality and effectiveness and are designed to promote a sense of well-being and vitality.

Gentlemen's Tonic is the perfect antidote to the rigors and stresses of the outside world.

Gentlemen's Tonic Reception Area
Gentlemen's Tonic Ground Floor
Gentlemen's Tonic Haircutting Station

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ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

The ChefStack automatic pancake machine is a revolution in the making. Now, for the first time, perfect panless pancakes can be produced in a matter of seconds. With ChefStack, the ultimate comfort food has now become convenient to make. This microwave-sized wonder uses no-mess batter pouches to crank out stack after stack of four-inch diameter pancakes (200 an hour), and doesn't even require supervision, letting you cook up breakfast for you and your crew while you get your other morning activities out of the way -- like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or downing a half-dozen mimosas.

Pancakes are a timeless comfort food. Yet they're often considered unhealthy because of batter additives and heavy, processed syrups and toppings. In contrast, only ChefStack Pancakes are:

  • 97% Fat Free and All-Natural
  • Only 165 Calories Per Two Pancake Serving
  • Portable, Fast, and Always Fresh!

ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

Source: Gizmodo, Chefstack, UnCrate

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Scents that take their cues from the kitchen

LEMON: Inspired by Reims, France's Champagne region, Citron De Vigne Eau De Parfum is a crisp, sparkling, sensual blend that is ideal for both men and women. An innovative heart note of pinot noir accord--comprised of bergamot, dark almond, musk, white sandalwood, and rose--is combined with bubbling citrus top notes and an earthy base in this unique, everyday scent. The top notes are neroli, bitter orange and pink grapefruit with the heart notes being pinot noir accord, jasmine tea leaves and lemongrass. The base notes are patchouli, sandalwood and amber ($75 at Fresh)

Fresh Citron de Vigne Parfum

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE: This Bergamot Truffle
Eau de Cologne by Payard is citrus with a twist. This seemingly fresh creation hides within its heart a deliciously dark secret, a rich, non-sweet, elegantly bitter note of the finest and the darkest chocolate. While the star ingredient, bergamot, which is often bracing and tart, is softened and lightly sweetened by the presence of honeyed orange blossom, the strikingly intense, almost earthy chocolate note is made creamier with a soupçon of vanilla. The effect is unexpectedly complex. As in a chocolate tasting ritual, allow the notes of` the perfume gradually evolve, unfold and surprise you. A unique creation to be enjoyed by men and women alike. The notes include dark chocolate, Calabrian bergamot, orange flower and Tahitian vanilla ($48 at LuckyScent; $3 for a sample)

Bergamot Truffle perfume by Francois Payard

SUGAR: This sweet and fizzy eau de parfum has notes of champagne, ginger, cotton candy and sugar cane ($32 at Sula Beauty)

Champagne Sugar Eau de Parfum by Sula

Marc Jacobs' Splash in Cucumber offers a delectable summer treat with the crisp, cool scent of cucumber. Clean and refreshing, Cucumber has a delicious lightness that is soothing and breezy. Developed by perfumer Vera Vanore of Robertet, the fragrance opens with top notes of watery cucumber, fragrant lotus leaf, and cactus flower. A floral heart blooms with linden blossom, blue tiger lily, and Dutch freesia. The dry-down of frosted musk and blonde woods lingers with a soft, sensuous air. The cool green tint of Marc Jacobs Cucumber reflects an inviting summer garden kissed with aromatic morning dew.
 his perfume has notes of cucumber, lotus leaf, cactus flower, linden blossom, tiger lily, fressia, frosted musk and blonde woods ($68 at Sephora)

Cucumber Splash by Marc Jacobs

PRALINE: Pink Praline by Soivhole has a crisp citrus note of pink grapefruit that dominates the opening and moves quickly to the heart and ultimately stays there as the richness of the coffee, cocoa and maple blend with the nuttiness of the fenugreek. This perfume is never too sweet, yet just sweet enough ($40 at Soivhole; $3 for a sample)

Pink Praline Perfume by Soivohle

Source:  Food Network Magazine

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Butterfly bouquet will set your heart aflutter

This breathtakingly beautiful butterfly bouquet was recently featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (Summer 2009). Laura Normandin fashioned her bouquet from silk and feather creatures secured on thin wires so that they float and flutter realistically.

Butterfly bouquet

How to Make This Butterfly Bouquet

Tools and Materials

Assorted floral butterflies ( has a bunch of options)

White floral-wire stems

White floral tape

Butterfly Bouquet How-To

Floral butterflies come on wires, making this project super simple. Tape the wires close to the butterfly bodies with white floral tape to cover them and create a uniform appearance. Then gather together a few butterflies and tape their wires together using white floral tape. Stagger the spacing, or tape the wires only at the ends so you'll have lots of wire to bend.

If the wires are short, or if you want the butterflies to be able to be bent farther apart, attach individual butterflies or clusters of butterflies to floral-wire stems (lay the wire from a butterfly alongside a wire stem with a 1- or 2-inch overlap, and tape the two together). Make several clusters, and tape them together to create the desired shape. Finish the stem by wrapping it in ribbon.

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Add some sparkle to your step with these sequined shoes

Prada sequined peep toe pumps in black with green and gold sequins over the toe ($680 at Bluefly)

Sequin black and green peep toe pump by Prada

Kitson black and ivory sequins flat ($125 at Kitson)

Sequin flats in black and ivory by Kitson

Stuart Weitzman - Pixie ballet flats with bronze casino sequins ($160 at Zappos)

Sequin gold flats by Stuart Weitzman

Gladiator sequin sandal with sequined upper and patent leather back by Free People ($168 at Free People)

Sequin gladiator shoes by Free People

Carly sequin and satin party shoes by Kate Spade have a shimmery, iridescent sheen ($375 at Kate Spade)

Sequin Carly pump by Kate Spade

Source: Shopstyle

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