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Fresno shoes by Guess demand attention

Simply wrap the satin scarves around your ankle and as soon as you step out, you'll have everyone wrapped around your finger. Shiny 3.5" stiletto heel and covered platform base with gold-tone ring hardware ($56.99 at Guess; regular price $110)

Fresno satin scarf shoe by Guess front viewFresno satin scarf shoe by Guess rear viewFresno satin scarf shoe by Guess side view

Source:  Lucky

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Roundabouts cupcake sleeves can make even the most boring cupcake a fun experience

From a gumball machine to an order of popcorn, you too can transform standard cupcakes into virtually anything. Roundabouts™ cupcake sleeves are fun for the whole family. Wrap your favorite standard size cupcakes with the self-adhesive sleeves, and use toppings easily found at your grocery store or local party supply store.  These decorative non-bake sleeves will work wonders on ordinary cupcakes!  ($8.99 a dozen at Roundabouts)

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeve baby showerRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve celebrateRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve baseballRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve basketballRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve HalloweenRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve hamburger and french friesRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve ice cream coneRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve margaritaRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve movie nightRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve popcorn
Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeve popcorn and gumballsRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve powder puffRoundabouts Cupcake Sleeve wedding

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The Next Food Network Star finalist, Debbie Lee, is opening a new restaurant: Hot Dog Debbie's

According to the Food Network Magazine, Hot Dog Debbie's will serve up serious comfort food like the Morning Dog, topped with a fried egg and maple syrup, and Deb's Special, which comes covered with sauteed kimchi and tender pork belly. This restaurant takes a traditional, All-American food like the hot dog and infuses it with Southern spirit and a Korean kick.

The website is still under construction and the restaurant is set to open this summer although no date has been announced. As soon as we have more information, we'll let you know! In the interim, now is the perfect time to create your own original hotdog meals at home although I seriously doubt mine will include any kimchi. Will yours?

Hot Dog Debbie's Restaurant

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Ant tablecloth weights are a whimsical way to keep your tablecloth secure

Black Picnic Ants Celebrate the spirit of summer picnics with black ant tablecloth weights!  Your attention to detail creates an enjoyable atmosphere of relaxation, mixed with your parties that are just plain fun!  Heavy weight, these black ant tablecloth weights clip on to tablecloth with metal clips. Keep your picnic tablecloth secure and your food safe from tumbles and wind. Rach says: "Bugs at a picnic get a bad rap, but these Ant Tablecloth Weights protect dinner from the wind." Set of 4 Black Picnic Ants Tablecloth weights ($9.95 at

Ant tablecloth weights

Source: Rachael Ray Magazine

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Mini terrariums make chic table décor as well a cute party favors

These mini terrariums make chic table décor especially when grouped en masse. If you are having a party, they can double as favors too! Just place sand and rocks in the bottom of a fishbowl votive holder. Carefully set small succulents among the rocks -- securing them, if necessary, with toothpicks -- and quench their thirst with a dropper. Seen here is a "Bubble Ball" 4 3/4-inch vase ($2.99 each or 6 for $2.29 each at Save on Crafts)

Mini terrarium

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

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