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Presh's gold tone leather cuffs are true arm candy

Nicole Apostoli, owner and designer of Presh, was born in San Francisco, California, and has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Nicole started out making pieces for herself and for friends until local boutique owners became interested in her work. She sold her one-of-a-kind creations as she studied design at the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, where she received a BFA in jewelry and metal arts.

As a young girl, Nicole was mesmerized by her grandmother's jewelry box, not just because of the beauty of the pieces inside, but also because of the ability these pieces had to trigger memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. It is this attachment to sentiment and memory along with her love for jewelry, fashion and textiles that continues to inspire Nicole to design.

The Presh line showcases Nicole's versatility as a designer and features a rich assortment of precious metals, semi precious stones, hand crafted leather, and vintage and rare fabrics from around the world. The line continues to evolve and grow each season but always reflects Nicole's unique design esthetic making each piece a limited edition or one of a kind treasure hand made in Marin County, California.

In the summer of 2006, Nicole partnered with long time friend Amber DiStasi to open her flagship retail store: Precious, in San Anselmo, California.

Whiskey Multi strand Double wrap around cuff with gold tone mini studs ($70)

Presh Whiskey Multi strand Double wrap around cuff

1" Wraparound Camel Leather Cuff with gold tone studs ($88)

Presh Wraparound Camel Leather Cuff with gold tone studs

Coffee Shimmer Leather , thin gold tone stud cuff ($43)

Presh coffee shimmer leather cuff

Turquoise Leather Cuff with Gold tone studs ($45)

Presh Turquoise Leather Cuff

Turquoise Leather Cuff with flower w/ Rhinestone center ($53)

Presh Turquoise Leather Cuff with flower

Black Leather Chain Braided cuff ($40)

Presh black leather chain braided cuff

Whiskey double gold stud cuff ($43)

Presh Whiskey double gold stud cuff

Source: Rachael Ray

Posted by Amanda, in Jewelry.

Beech Fern Bone-Inlay Mirror is a refreshing take on a traditional mirror

This bone-inlay frame in leafy green is a refreshing take on traditional black and white. According to House Beautiful, this mirror is available for $298 at Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Beech Fern Bone-Inlay Mirror

Please note that we were unable to locate this mirror on the Anthropologie website. We will keep checking back and update this article when and if the mirror becomes available.

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

Freddy & Ma's custom made handbags because unique is the new black

From celebs to the girl next door, everyone loves the uniqueness of Freddy & Ma's custom handbags. Pick a style then select from their always changing library of twill fabrics and bold leathers to make your bespoke bag. At Freddy & Ma you can design your own bags from tons of styles, shapes and hardware, as well as more than 250 fabrics. These would also make great gifts for a bridal party (from $125 to $235 each at Freddy & Ma).

Freddy & Ma custom made handbags black with jewel tone lining
Freddy & Ma custom made handbags blues and greens
Freddy & Ma custom made handbags bright colors
Freddy & Ma custom made handbags earth tones
Freddy & Ma custom made handbags monogrammed interior
Freddy and Ma's Custom Made Bags

Source: In Style Weddings

Posted by Amanda, in Handbags.

Earthworks' handmade, moisturizing bath truffles are the ultimate treat for the bath and they make a beautiful gift

Earthworks' bath truffles with natural oils, shea butter and cocoa butter are luxurious treatment truffles that melt slowly in the bath to moisturize, soften and nourish the skin, as the exquisite Earthworks pur-essences scent your body and fill your senses. Each truffle is hand-made and looks and smells beautiful. A truffle can be removed after a few minutes from the bath to a dry place and used again, so that each truffle may last for more than one bath. The truffles are available in sweet lime, mandarin, limone, grapefruit, pistachio, almond, rose, African jasmine, Japanese flower, frangipani, hazelnut and Seringa blossom ($30 for a box of six at Earthworks)

Earthworks Moisturizing Bath BallsEarthworks bath truffles

Source: House Beautiful

Posted by Amanda, in Beauty and Cosmetics.

CB2 Swizzle Sticks are a definite upgrade for any glass

The fun CB2 swizzle stucks are styled in a natural theme in fashion colors. They make for a cute accessory to any cockail! ($6 for 25 at CB2)

CB2 swizzle sticks

Source: House Beautiful

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

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