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Anna Sui metallic tweed jacket is a versatile addition to any wardrobe

As seen on the runway. Gold metallic tweed cropped jacket with short sleeves. Anna Sui jacket has puff detail at waist, rosette embellishment on front, press stud fastenings through front and is fully lined. ($226.80 at

Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket   Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (Flowers everywhere)
Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (creamy sophistication)   Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (Glamorous)Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (Minni)   Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (turquoise)Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (Piano night)   Anna Sui Metallic Cropped Jacket (Vogue)

Other source: Polyvore

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Robindira Unsworth Juicy Bangles with an organic hammered texture and a rainbow of vibrant semi-precious stone will add a stunning splash of color to your wardrobe

Robert and Robindira Unsworth launched their luxurious handcrafted jewelry line, Robindira Unsworth, in the Fall of 2001. A fusion of the couple's Northern California aesthetic combined with their appreciation for the exotic cultures of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, the Robindira Unsworth collection quickly became a favorite of high-end retailers nationwide.

The success of Robindira Unsworth, the company, is due to the guiding vision of Robert and Robindira Unsworth and the team of employees and artisans that are dedicated to producing inspired designs of the highest quality--each reflecting the signature aesthetic that is Robindira Unsworth. Each hand crafted element in their collection is thought of as a precious gift with purpose--to adorn and inspire the wearer to feel their best and live well.

Robindira Unsworth Juicy Bangles

Source: US Weekly

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The Laundress Sport Detergent was specifically created to remove sweat and odor from workout clothes

It can be tricky to keep your work out, sport and high-tech clothing clean and smelling fresh. The Laundress Sport Detergent is formulated to remove bacteria in perspiration, body oils and odors. In addition, the Sport Detergent is designed for moisture wicking, breathable, insulated and water repellent fabrics. It an be used on cotton, nylon, spandex and more and has a light, citrusy scent ($18 at The Laundress)

The Laundress Sport Detergent

Source: People Style Watch

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Vignon Cool Coat for Wine Bottle by Menu

Designer Jakob Wagner's wine bottle cooler cool coat in textile and cooling gel comes in white/lime, black/grey and white/black. What a great way to chill your favorite bottle of wine without ice or a slushy mesh! ($39.95 at Emmo Home)

Vignon Cool Coat for Wine Bottle by Menu in black and grey
Vignon Cool Coat for Wine Bottle by Menu in various colors

Source:  Real Simple

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

Yoga deck helps you start your at home yoga with seventy movable cards

The My Yoga 2 Go Practice System is the only yoga product that contains an easy to follow system of organizing its seven sequences by color and yoga pose cards by number. You choose a sequence according to level of experience and time, identify its color. Then you organize the cards by pose number and insert them in to the pockets of the tote and hang the tote on the wall. The practice deck comes with over 70 yoga posture cards and 7 different sequences ($29.95 at My Yoga 2 Go)

Yoga deck by My Yoga 2 Go

Source: Real Simple

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