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Butterfly bouquet will set your heart aflutter

This breathtakingly beautiful butterfly bouquet was recently featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (Summer 2009). Laura Normandin fashioned her bouquet from silk and feather creatures secured on thin wires so that they float and flutter realistically.

Butterfly bouquet

How to Make This Butterfly Bouquet

Tools and Materials

Assorted floral butterflies ( has a bunch of options)

White floral-wire stems

White floral tape

Butterfly Bouquet How-To

Floral butterflies come on wires, making this project super simple. Tape the wires close to the butterfly bodies with white floral tape to cover them and create a uniform appearance. Then gather together a few butterflies and tape their wires together using white floral tape. Stagger the spacing, or tape the wires only at the ends so you'll have lots of wire to bend.

If the wires are short, or if you want the butterflies to be able to be bent farther apart, attach individual butterflies or clusters of butterflies to floral-wire stems (lay the wire from a butterfly alongside a wire stem with a 1- or 2-inch overlap, and tape the two together). Make several clusters, and tape them together to create the desired shape. Finish the stem by wrapping it in ribbon.

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