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Wacky, wild and weird Wednesday fashion: condom clothes

Beginning today, every Wednesday there will be a feature of wacky, wild and weird fashions including clothes, shoes, handbags and fashion accessories. The first collection of bizarre clothes is made from condoms. Creating clothes from condoms shows creativity but would you really wear an outfit made from them? I applaud the idea of thinking outside the box but these dresses and clothes are definitely not something I can see most people actually wearing in public.

Condom dress beige and white
Condom dress hot pink
Condom dress monet colored
Condom dress orange flower with fan
Condom dress short white

Condom dress pastel
Condom dress pink
Condom dress purple
Condom dress red and white
Condom dress white
Condom dress white and green
Condom dress white with flower hat
Condom dresses zoom
Condom dresses
Condom dresses bright colored
Condom pantsuit yellow
Condom wedding dress

Sources: Pile of Photos, e'Baum's World, Examiner

Posted by Amanda, in Clothing.

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