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Turn the seashells collected from your beach vacation into fun crafts and beautiful ways to decorate your home

A fun craft and easy way to decorate is to create a pretty seashell container, a delightful dish or a desk accessory like a paperweight from shells collected while on your beach vacation.  You can put shells, starfish, and other found items in a glass canister and then use a paint pen or permanent marker to write the vacation location on a sand dollar. Hang it from the side of the canister with twine. Another simple idea is to use a large shell, turned upside down, as a bowl for jewelry. Put it on your bedside table for easy access morning and night. For larger items, such as conch shells or puffy sea biscuits, use them as paperweights on your desk for at least one daily reminder that isn't about something on your to-do list.

Seashell Container
Shell jewelry dish
Shell paperweight

Source: Southern Living

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