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Treat your feet to spa therapy with Pampered Toes

From the makers of the Original Ped Egg, these one-size-fits all inserts are designed to wrap around toes, creating a therapeutic stretch that will relieve sore and aching feet in minutes. Pampered Toes will stretch cramped toes, revitalize tired feet and make your feet feel refreshed. Pampered Toes is the essential treat for tired feet. Every day, our feet take a serious breathing. They hurt even more when we force our feet into a pair of tight cramped shoes and the pain can be unbearable! With the new Pampered Toes, in just minutes, you can relieve your sore, aching feet! It's the new miracle foot therapy that soothes and revitalizes your tortured toes. The secret is in Pampered Toes' innovative spa-quality flexible gel, which delivers cool, soothing therapy for your feet. So kick off those painful shoes and indulge yourself with the most sensational spa experience for your feet - turn your tired toes into Pampered Toes today! ($10 at Pampered Toes)

Pampered Toes Toe Therapy

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