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Sweetheart candy hearts celebrate the movie Twilight

NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) dates its start back to the summer of 1847 and is the oldest multi-line candy company in the United States. They manufacture timeless candy classics like Sweethearts and have obtained the licensing to produce Sweetheart Twilight candy.

All the cool blood-sucking teen vampires are chomping on these fruity candy hearts instead of mortal human necks! On the back of the box, there are four hearts with their corresponding flavors: Orange Obsession; Tempting Apple; Passion Fruit and Secret Strawberry. The phrases printed on the hearts are Twilight themed, such as "Soul Mate," "Bite Me," "Secret," "Forks," "Live 4 Ever," "Bad Guy," "Dazzle," and "Lamb" to name a few.

Best of all - some will sparkle in the sunlight like the film's main vampire, Edward!

Sweetheart Twilight candy hearts

SourceCandy Warehouse 

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