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Sara Lee cheesecakes are a delicious way to celebrate National Cheesecake Day

In 1949 when Sara Lee was 8 years old, Charlie Lubin, a bakery entrepreneur, decided to name his new line of cheesecakes after his daughter, Sara Lee. His company was purchased in 1956 by Consolidated Foods, where Mr. Lubin continued to serve as a senior executive for many years. In 1985, Consolidated Foods changed its name to Sara Lee Corporation. Although Sara Lee has never had a management role at the corporation, she has appeared in some television advertisements for our bakery products. In her words, her father told her the product "had to be perfect because he was naming it after me." Today Sara Lee is a philanthropist who spends most of her time supporting the education and advancement of women and girls in science.

Delicious Sara Lee Cheesecakes have that smooth creamy texture and flavor because like the bavarians they are made without compromise to a traditional recipe and immediately frozen whilst at their freshest. So what's the secret that makes them so irresistible? Quality neufchatel cheese, fresh cream and a high sided biscuit crumb base (the choice of chef's). What makes it so versatile is that it's so easy to add your own special touch with extra cream, shards of toffee or bundles of fruit.

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with a delicious cheesecake from Sara Lee!

Sara Lee cheesecakes

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