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Perez Hilton - Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

Since 2004, Hollywood's most hated website,, has been delivering the juiciest celebrity gossip. Mario Armando Lavandeira, better known as Perez Hilton, is an American blogger and television personality.  His blog is known for posts covering gossip items about musicians, actors and celebrities and for posting tabloid photographs over which he has added his own captions or doodles.


Hilton's angle on celebrity gossip includes an unapologetic desire to mingle with and be a part of celebrity culture. He often describes celebrity awards shows, clubs, and private events he has attended, and posts photographs of himself with the celebrities he writes about under the "Personally Perez" category of his blog. Hilton often promotes his favorite up-and-coming musicians by posting streams of their songs under the "Listen To This" category of his blog.


The irreverent blog is the go-to source for daily happenings in Hollywood. 

Perez Hilton

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