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Nambé Lounge chip and dip by Neil Cohen will serve you well when entertaining

Fun is at the forefront of Neil Cohen's designs, and perhaps never more so than in his spirited Lounge Chip and Dip for Nambé. Relaxed yet commanding and undeniably appealing, this precocious tray will serve you well no matter who you're entertaining. The chip end is generous and beveled; the other, a more structured hollow holding up to 2 ounces of dip. You'll find it equally at home with guacamole and tortilla chips as with caviar and crackers. Heated slightly, the Lounge is a showcase setting for crab cakes and warm remoulade; chill it and present a platter of cold shrimp and cocktail sauce. Playful and praised, this versatile piece earned a design recognition at the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Exhibition in 2005.  The Lounge can be preheated to 500 degrees or chilled in the freezer.
Nambe Lounge Chip and Dip platter
Nambe lounge chip and dip with appetizers
Nambe Lounge Chip and Doug on placemat

About Nambé Alloy

As with all Nambé metal pieces, function stands beside beauty in purpose. The proprietary eight-metal aluminum-based alloy has the luster of silver and the solidity of iron. It can be preheated to 500 degrees or chilled in the freezer; this coupled with its superior temperature retention properties makes Nambé Alloy markedly useful for cooking and serving. Nambé Alloy does not contain silver or lead and therefore does not tarnish; it won't chip, crack, or break. Avoid using your Nambé Alloy with acidic foods, and never place it in the microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash your Nambé with mild detergent and water, then dry immediately with a soft clean cloth. An occasional application of Nambé Polish restores any gleam lost to time and use. 

Unique Characteristics

  • Nambé Alloy retains temperature for extended periods of time, so prior to use, you can chill or warm your Nambé Alloy pieces to hold food at a desired temperature
  • This thermal retention property makes Nambé Alloy perfect for cooking in the oven, under the broiler, or on the gas or electric stovetop
  • Each Nambé piece goes through a series of shaping, grinding, buffing, and polishing steps; slight imperfections found on Nambé's brilliant finish are characteristic of the sand casting process
  • Since Nambé is hand-crafted, no two pieces are exactly alike
  • Frequent use will result in a natural patina; many Nambé aficionados appreciate and encourage this patina, however luster can be restored by applying a small amount of Nambé Polish with a soft cloth.
More information about care and maintenance can be found at the Nambé website.

Neil Cohen

Humor, playfulness and serendipity may on first impression seem incompatible with the serious business of designing products for Nambé. Neil Cohen creates some of Nambé's most popular and wondrously beautiful designs in metal, crystal and lighting, and has a ton of fun in the process.

Cohen's forward reaching vision and refined sense of shape, material and workmanship characterize his concepts. His work supplies the kind of spark that engages the human spirit. Nambé designs are "works of art you can use every day." With their combination of humor and discovery, Cohen's strong, concise designs are just that: meaningful experiences in themselves, apart from their functionality. 

Holder of two degrees from Rhode Island School of Design, Cohen has lectured at his alma mater, as well as at Pratt and Parsons School of Design. His work has been recognized for its innovation by the Steelcase/Interiors Design Partnership, featured in The New York Times and New York Magazine and chosen for the AIGA's Objects of Design Award. The Japan Arts Council has exhibited his designs. The prestigious 30 Under 30 exhibition in New York has showcased his work among 30 young designers who are shaping the future.

Source:  Nambé

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