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Magic beauty color by Givenchy and Jemma Kidd

Gloss Poetique Natural Color-Enhancer Lip Gloss is a
mysterious gloss. A star of Givenchy's Autumn Winter collection, this lip and cheek color is an unexpected surprise. Open the black lacquer jar to reveal a unique, gel-textured formula in the perfect shade of pink to complement any skintone. The subtly glossy finish highlights lips and cheekbones and adds a radiant glow. The product adjusts to the pH of your skin and turns the perfect shade of berry.

Givenchy Gloss Poetique lip gloss

Now, repeat the experiment with Jemma Kidd's new blush on your cheeks.

Internationally renowned makeup guru, award-winning product designer and style icon, Jemma Kidd's designer collection fuses hi-fashion, statement colour and catwalk glamour with performance products that bring the "runway to the curb without breaking the bank.

Finding a shade that mimics a natural flush tone can be an exhausting task. JK Jemma Kidd introduces Cheek ID Color Adapt Blush, a hi-tech formula that interacts with the skin's pH for a perfect match. Using the same technology as the best selling JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color Adapt Gloss, the innovative formula reacts to the natural pH in cheeks for that just right color match, as well as hydrates with added vitamins A and E. It can be applied to bare skin or over base makeup.

Jemma Kidd Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss

Gloss Poetique is available at Sephora ($45) and Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour-Adapt blush is $18 exclusively at Target (in August).

Source: In Style; Jemma Kidd

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