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Look-at-me gloves: Fall 2009 fashion accessory trend

It's time to give love to the glove! Patricia Field, the costume designer for Confessions of a Shopaholic and Sex and the City, once said that she has had a lifelong obsession with gloves and that they are her go-to accessory for instant ladylike elegance. The gloves for Fall 2009 aren't the kind that just keep you warm and then get shoved into your pocket; these gloves beg to be noticed. Gloves themselves are a hot trend this season and designers paid lots of attention to them. Gloves can be incorporated into many outfits and certainly add sophistication and glamour to them.

So, what are going to be the top fashionable gloves this fall and winter?

1. Leather gloves. It should be no surprise that classic leather gloves will be fashionable this fall because leather gloves are always in style.

There are lots of designs to chose from including the long, over-the-elbow clinging gloves like Zac Posen showed as well as elbow-length gloves, gloves in all different colors, fingerless gloves, tight gloves or loose-fitting gloves. Derek Lam suggested reptile leather with his gloves if that is the look that interests you.

Black leather gloves.jpg

Leather gloves.jpg

Leather gloves 2.jpg2. Suede gloves. Suede gloves aren't as practical as leather ones but they do look as beautiful! Again lots of colors and designs will give you a great opportunity to find the right pair. You can chose from a classic pair like the Ralph Lauren gloves or you can chose the more street-like and casual styles of Carolina Herrera and Derek Lam.

Suede gloves.jpg
3. Velvet gloves. Velvet gloves are the perfect chic addition to your wardrobe. They are elegant, sexy and appropriate for different occasions. Some are of a simple design while others are embellished with stresses or worn with a watch.

Velvet gloves.jpg4. Satin gloves. While satin gloves weren't presented in plenty at the fall fashion shows, the smooth and shining fabric looks wonderful and will serve as a good accessory for any outfit, from an evening gown to a denim combination. The gloves below are by designer Chado Ralph Rucci.

Satin gloves.jpg5. Lace gloves. Lace gloves are perfect to pair with an evening gown or to dress up any outfit.  They are delicate, cute and many are made with sheer fabrics and patterned lace.

Lace gloves.jpg6. Short mannish gloves. If lace or satin gloves are not your style, then the short mannish gloves like the ones by Marni might be the right choice for you.

Short, mannish gloves.jpg7. Knit gloves. Knit gloves will keep your hands warm and they look pretty too!

Knit gloves.jpg

For a feminine touch, Charlotte Ronson featured big bows on the back of many of her fall dresses at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and many of the models wore black leather gloves.

Charlotte Ronson bows and gloves.jpg

Charlotte Ronson elbow length gloves.jpg

The yellow gloves from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week would make a great addition to anyone's wardrobe.

Marc Jabobs yellow gloves.jpg

Blue leather gloves, shield sunglasses, thigh high boots and other colorful accessories highlighted the Marc Jacobs runway at Fall 2009 Fashion Week in New York.

Marc Jacobs blue leather gloves.jpg

Gloves were quite popular overall this Fall 2009 but there were many half and fingerless options that stood out. Paired with bare arms these extra-short gloves made for a sometimes dainty, sometimes tough fashion statement. In fact, the difference was in the details. While Alexander McQueen toughened his up with studs, Salvatore Ferragamo added feminine roses as a finishing touch.

Fall 2009 gloves.jpgFrom top left: Salvatore Ferragamo, Sportmax, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld

So, as you can see, no matter what your glove style, you will find a pair of gloves sure to get you noticed this fall and winter.

Sources:, The Insider

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