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Sara Lee cheesecakes are a delicious way to celebrate National Cheesecake Day

In 1949 when Sara Lee was 8 years old, Charlie Lubin, a bakery entrepreneur, decided to name his new line of cheesecakes after his daughter, Sara Lee. His company was purchased in 1956 by Consolidated Foods, where Mr. Lubin continued to serve as a senior executive for many years. In 1985, Consolidated Foods changed its name to Sara Lee Corporation. Although Sara Lee has never had a management role at the corporation, she has appeared in some television advertisements for our bakery products. In her words, her father told her the product "had to be perfect because he was naming it after me." Today Sara Lee is a philanthropist who spends most of her time supporting the education and advancement of women and girls in science.

Delicious Sara Lee Cheesecakes have that smooth creamy texture and flavor because like the bavarians they are made without compromise to a traditional recipe and immediately frozen whilst at their freshest. So what's the secret that makes them so irresistible? Quality neufchatel cheese, fresh cream and a high sided biscuit crumb base (the choice of chef's). What makes it so versatile is that it's so easy to add your own special touch with extra cream, shards of toffee or bundles of fruit.

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with a delicious cheesecake from Sara Lee!

Sara Lee cheesecakes

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Answer your inner fashionista with this R.J. Graziano "Bead Bonanza" Simulated Turquoise 7-Row Necklace

This daring, yet beautiful piece showcases multiple strands of round simulated turquoise beads in various sizes. The strands graduate in length at the front of the necklace, for a luxurious layered look.
This necklace measures approx. 18-1/2"L x 1-1/8"W (with 3-1/2" extender), rope-textured end bars, lobster claw clasp and polished goldtone ($49.95 at HSN)

About R.J. Graziano: Known as one of the most prestigious jewelry designers in the United States, R.J. Graziano brings you a distinguished collection of fashion jewelry with timeless creations captured in extraordinary detail. Each piece is finely crafted from hand-fashioned metals and embellished with exquisite Austrian crystals for endless years of enjoyment. Many designs have been worn by the world's top celebrities.

Turquoise bead necklace by R.J. Graziano
Turquoise bead necklace by R.J. Graziano zoom

Source:  In Style

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The hottest trend in dairy: lamps!

The Cereal Bowl Lamp:  The coolest lamp that you will ever own. Ingredients: cereal, touch sensor, metal spoon, bowl, 'milk' and magic. This gives a whole new meaning to eating light.  The big, 10-inch-wide bowl shines with the help of a 14-watt fluorescent bulb. If you instinctively reach for the spoon, you're in luck - that's what turns the lamp on! ($180 at Ideaka)

Cereal Bowl Lamp by Ideaka

Ice Cream Lamp:  Ice cream parlors always seem to be perfect design inspiration. How about a giant lit ice cream cone that will add a sweet touch to any room? Jumbo plastic lamp measures over two feet high! ($48 at Fred Flare)

Ice Cream Lamp by Fred Flare

Egg Nightlight Collection:  J Schatz's handcrafted glossy ceramic earthenware egg is made of small holes that let light shine through the ceramic shell of the 8-inch Star Egg Nightlight. It comes in eight different colors.($135 at J Schatz Egg Lamps)

Star Egg Nightlight by J Schatz

LED Milk Night-Light:  This LED milk night-light looks just like a real glass. The light turns off automatically when tilted or placed upside down. ($11.95 at Amazon). This LED milk night-light also comes in color changing. The color changes automatically and creates a neat lighting effect ($10.95 at Amazon).

LED milk night-light
LED milk night-light color changing

Source: Food Network Magazine

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Happy National Cheesecake Day! Bake a cheesecake yourself, make adorable cheesecake pops or celebrate with a bargain cheesecake slice at The Cheesecake Factory!

National Cheesecake Day is a food holiday that falls annually on July 30th. The observance, which is part of a surprisingly large tradition of food holidays, has not been officially endorsed by any presidents, and does not have any congressional records to solidify its claim. but this certainly does not stop thousands and maybe even millions of people from across the country from celebrating the decidedly delicious holiday.
 There certainly is no reason that cheesecake should not have its own holiday. Records of cheesecake date as far back as 770 BC, when the dessert, or something like it at least, was served to Olympic athletes.

Joining in the fun on National Cheesecake Day is simple. The only requirement is the hearty consumption of cheesecake. Enjoy the day with a piece of cheesecake, along with your favorite topping. If you have time, make the cheesecake yourself but, if you don't, stop into The Cheesecake Factory. They are helping patrons celebrate the event by offering slices of its creamy, delectable cheesecake for just $1.50. Note, however, that the low price is only applicable with dine-in service, and guests are also limited to one slice each.

The Cheesecake Factory logo
The Cheesecake Factory
Today, it seems as if everyone has their own take on how cheesecake should be baked. Whether New York or Philadelphia style, baked or no-baked, cheesecake is king when it comes to desserts. Cheesecake can also be flavored in a huge variety of ways, but chocolate or strawberry remain the popular national favorites followed by pumpkin cheesecake.

Cheesecakes can be broadly categorized into two basic types - baked and unbaked - and each comes in a variety of styles determined by region. In the United States, there are two big contenders for the cheesecake crown, one being New York style cheesecake, which is very heavy and rich and features cream cheese, heavy cream, and many other fattening ingredients. The other popular cheesecake is Philadelphia style cheesecake which is generally considered to be creamier and also lighter than the New York style cheesecake, but certainly does not skimp on the fattening ingredients.

Almost all modern cheesecakes in the United States use cream cheese; in Italy, cheesecakes use ricotta; Germany and Poland use quark cheese. The type of cheese not only affects texture and taste but the ability to incorporate certain types of ingredients. When cheesecake batter is too thin, many cheesecakes will not be structurally sound and fall apart at the table. One way to get around this is to use unflavored gelatin or a little cornstarch beaten with the eggs.

A common difficulty with baking cheesecakes is its tendency to "crack" when cooled. This is due to the coagulation of the beaten eggs in its batter. There are various methods to prevent this. One method is to bake the cheesecake in a hot water bath to ensure even heating. Other methods include blending a little cornstarch into the batter or baking the cheesecake at a lower temperature and slow cooling it in the oven, turned off, with the door ajar. If these methods fail, a common practice is to cover the top of the cheesecake with toppings such as fruit, whipped cream, or cookie crumbs. Despite their name, cheesecakes are technically tarts; the word 'cake' was formerly applied to a much broader category of foods than it is today.

Cheesecake lollipops bare
Cheesecake lollipops decorated
Cheesecake lollipops multiple zoom
Cheesecake lollipops chocolate covered
Cheesecake lollipop zoom

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The Audrey bathtubs from Sicis resemble a woman's high heel shoe

There is nothing like a beautiful pair of heels, but what about taking a bath in a high heel shoe? These bath tubs from Sicis - The Art Mosaic Factory resemble a woman's high heel shoe. There are several different designs to choose from (Audrey 1 through Audrey 4). These are not just ordinary tubs:  they express great personality and are for lovers of shoes and fashionistas alike.

Aubrey 1 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory
Aubrey 2 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory
Aubrey 3 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory room
Aubrey 4 bathtub by Sicis The Art Mosaic Factory

Source: Sicis - The Art Mosaic Factory

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