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Fall Beauty Trend: Gray Nail Polish

This season's beauty trend continues to be all about the smoky, gray nail. By far the "it" color of the season, grey is huge for eyes, nails and even lips.  All pictures below are provided by All Laquered Up: A Polish Fanatic's Resource.  

;Nail Polish Fall Trend Blue Gray

Nail Polish Fall Trend Graphite Gunmetal

Nail Polish Fall Trend Medium Gray
Nail Polish Fall Trend Purple Gray
Nail Polish Fall Trend Light Gray
Source: Style List

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Cute summer sandals on sale at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus has lots of cute summer sandals on sale. Don't miss out on getting some great deals to wear for the rest of the season!

Valentino Braided Sandal in either ortensia or black patent leather currently on sale at Neiman Marcus ($645 to $290)

Valentino Braided Sandal

Gucci Venere Sandal in rosso or camel suede with an ankle strap and fringe detail ($565 to $254)

Gucci Venere sandal

Dior Cutout Wedge Sandal in purple suede with a peep toe ($925 to $416)

Dior Cutout Wedge Sandal
Stella McCartney Platform T-Strap Sandal in straw canvas with goldstone cherry accents, wooden leaves and a wooden platform and heel ($1,045 now $470)
Stella McCartney Platform T-Strap Sandal

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Chutter's candy store has vintage candy and the world's longest candy counter

Home of the World's Longest Candy Counter, a visit to Chutter's is a trip to candyland where the air is delicious with the mouth-watering scents of candy and fresh-made fudge. Chutter's has something for candy lovers young and old in a lively, fun-filled atmosphere. The longest counter of its kind anywhere, Chutter's candy counter runs the entire length of the store. An impressive 112 feet of gleaming glass jars filled with brightly colored candy ranging from yesterday's favorites and hard-to-find flavors to the best of today's most sought-after treats. Grab a bag and choose from the vast array of sours and gummy's, gourmet and traditional jellybeans, chocolates, licorice, caramels, and nostalgic pieces. Chutter's is a treasure trove of tasty treats!

Chutter's is named for its original owner, Frederick George Chutter, a Congregational minister who came to Littleton to preach but instead, resigned his ministry for the dry goods business, eventually becoming a well-loved and prominent member of the community. A brochure from the era claims, "Mr. Chutter is a warm-hearted, cordial, and enthusiastic man, of optimistic temperament, and much interested in the welfare of Littleton." More than 100 years later, the shop retains his name, and the hospitality for which Chutter's General Store was renowned still resonates throughout this delightful shop.  Feel like a kid again. Visit Chutter's on Main Street in Littleton, New Hampshire and discover the sweet life.

Chutters Candy Store
Chutters Candy Store candy jars
Chutters Candy Store colorful candy jars
Chutters logo

Sources: Food Network; Flickr

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Charming chandeliers made from every day objects

Who says you have to spend huge amounts of money on a crystal chandelier? There are plenty of objects lying around your house that could provide pretty lighting, given some ingenuity.

Take Stuart Haygarth's Tide Chandelier, for example. Composed of man-made debris that washed up on a specific stretch of Kent (England) coastline, Haygarth collected these bits of garbage and turned them into something spectacular. Many of the chandeliers in this slideshow are recycled, upcycled, or just plain ingenious.

Stuart Haygarth Tide Chandelier

Artist Madeleine Boulesteix crafts charming chandeliers from teacups and glasses. The teacup chandeliers look great in any room, they can be hung low over a table or higher as the central decorative light and they look equally at home amongst old and new styles. They can be a pure clear and white theme or subtly or highly coloured according to taste.

Madeleine Boulesteix Tea Cup Chandelier

Napa Style sells these Antique Mason Jar Lights ($199-379), but you can also make your own. Some of the antique mason jars in these handsome pendant lights date to the turn of last century, and all feature the authentic Ball logo, zinc lids, and gorgeous bubble blue glass. They're gathered from all over California and repurposed by a talented artisan.

Napa Style Antique Mason Jar Lights

The Hangelier series ($150) lampshades crafted from salvaged and off-the-shelf materials. The parts are arranged to provide delight from different points - referencing classic light shade forms from a distance while surprising viewers up close with it's unique material palette.

Hangelier chandelier

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Dining blindfolded makes for an extreme eating experience

Dark dining is a trend sweeping through Europe and the US where diners are treated to fine cuisine while blindfolded. Because diners cannot see the food, they must use their sense of touch, smell and taste to eat each dish. Dana Salisbury, Artistic Diretor at Dark Dining Projects in New York, serves sensory feasts to blindfolded guests. Andre Crump brought the concept of dark dining to the San Francisco area in 2007, and since then he's been bringing the party to a different restaurant every four months. Don a blindfold and put your trust in the chef at this intimate rotating dinner party. The party begins with cocktails before guests slip on their blindfolds -- after which only the wait staff, fitted with military-grade night-vision goggles, can see. The experience can be both scary and sensual and gives a whole new meaning to the term blind date. Dark Dining events can be found in several major cities across the US including Opaque, which hosts wholly-dark dining events in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Opaque dining in the dark
Dark Dining Projects

Source: Travel Channel;  Insider Pages

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