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Santi Beaded Purse is deliciously modern but also a bit nostalgic

The weighty metal beads give this ladylike bag a luxurious texture. The pewter silk bag had gold metal beads and extra long 25" optional chain strap ($150 at Bestow)

Santi Gold Beaded Purse
Santi Gold Beaded Purse zoom

Source: Lucky

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Appetizer spoons are perfect for serving a one-bite tasty treat

This set of 12 appetizer spoons is perfect for serving your guests a little savory or sweet teaser. Inspired by the restaurant trend of serving a culinary amuse bouche, a one-bite tasting sent compliments of the chef, this clever spoon is designed with a flat base to stand on its own ($19.95 at Crate and Barrel).
Appetizer spoons
Appetizer spoons with amuse bouche
Appetizer spoons with savory treats

Appetizer spoons with sweet treats

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Flip Mino Camcorder by The Flip Studio comes in lots of different designs

With this fun Floral Arrangement design you'll never get tired of showing off your Mino camcorder but, if this design isn't for you, there are 100s of different designs from which you can chose.  The Mino is $179.99 and the Mino HD $229.99.


This sleek, pocket-sized camcorder has one-touch recording and a built-in flash memory which holds up to 60 minutes of high-quality video.  It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that charges via your USB port.  You can start recording within 3 seconds of power-up and it comes with advanced playback features including pause, fast forward and rewind.  There is a "child safe" mode to prevent accidental deletions of clips.  It has a fast lens for great results in low and bright light and a 2x digital zoom.  The 1.5" color high-brightness, transflective display makes for easy records and super-clear viewing in bright sunlight.  It has a flip-out USB arm that plugs directly into your computer for easy sharing and archiving.  There is also a silent mode for recording in sensitive situations.  The tripod mount fits any standard tripod.


The Flip Mino HD is the world's smallest HD camcorder weighing on 3.3. ounces but, unlike the regular Mino which gets 4+ hours of records per charge, the HD Mino only gets about 2 hours of recording per charge.  The regular Mino video is 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second.  The HD Mino video is 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second progressive scan. 


The Mino has built-in FlipShare™ software with upgraded features: browse, playback, organize and archive your videos; create movies with videos, music and titles; edit clips and save still photos from video; instantly upload to MySpace™, YouTube™ and other video sites and share your videos using email or greetings cards (free and unlimited video sharing).  

Flip Mino Mini Camcorder in Floral Arrangement

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Watermelon sours in a cocktail keg are a refreshing, creative way to cool down this summer

Turn your watermelon into a cocktail keg. Cut the lid from the top and scoop out the fruit. Drill a small hole near the bottom and then use a knife to widen the hole until it's slightly smaller than a keg shank. Attach the shank, then fill the melon with a delicious and refreshing watermelon sour. To find a keg shank, look for the kit at ($30).

It takes about 10 minutes to make the watermelon sours. Puree 4 cups watermelon chunks; strain. Stir in 4 ounces Alize Red Passion or other fruit-flavored liqueur, 8 ounces gin and 2 cups sour mix; chill. Add sparkling rose before serving. Garnish with lime. Makes 10 to 12 drinks.

Watermelon sours in cocktail keg

Source: Food Network

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Frames wallpaper lets your kids draw on the walls

How much fun would it be to actually draw, color and paint on the walls! Your kids aren't the only ones who will enjoy this unique wallpaper covered in hundreds of empty frames. The wallpaper comes in one 56 square foot double roll, is FSC certified mixed paper construction, fade resistant and durable. ($40 per double roll at Land of Nod)

Frames wallpaper
Frames wallpaper alternate view
Frames wallpaper in room
Frames wallpaper zoom

Posted by Amanda, in Houses and Home Decor.

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