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Dining blindfolded makes for an extreme eating experience

Dark dining is a trend sweeping through Europe and the US where diners are treated to fine cuisine while blindfolded. Because diners cannot see the food, they must use their sense of touch, smell and taste to eat each dish. Dana Salisbury, Artistic Diretor at Dark Dining Projects in New York, serves sensory feasts to blindfolded guests. Andre Crump brought the concept of dark dining to the San Francisco area in 2007, and since then he's been bringing the party to a different restaurant every four months. Don a blindfold and put your trust in the chef at this intimate rotating dinner party. The party begins with cocktails before guests slip on their blindfolds -- after which only the wait staff, fitted with military-grade night-vision goggles, can see. The experience can be both scary and sensual and gives a whole new meaning to the term blind date. Dark Dining events can be found in several major cities across the US including Opaque, which hosts wholly-dark dining events in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

Opaque dining in the dark
Dark Dining Projects

Source: Travel Channel;  Insider Pages

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