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Charming chandeliers made from every day objects

Who says you have to spend huge amounts of money on a crystal chandelier? There are plenty of objects lying around your house that could provide pretty lighting, given some ingenuity.

Take Stuart Haygarth's Tide Chandelier, for example. Composed of man-made debris that washed up on a specific stretch of Kent (England) coastline, Haygarth collected these bits of garbage and turned them into something spectacular. Many of the chandeliers in this slideshow are recycled, upcycled, or just plain ingenious.

Stuart Haygarth Tide Chandelier

Artist Madeleine Boulesteix crafts charming chandeliers from teacups and glasses. The teacup chandeliers look great in any room, they can be hung low over a table or higher as the central decorative light and they look equally at home amongst old and new styles. They can be a pure clear and white theme or subtly or highly coloured according to taste.

Madeleine Boulesteix Tea Cup Chandelier

Napa Style sells these Antique Mason Jar Lights ($199-379), but you can also make your own. Some of the antique mason jars in these handsome pendant lights date to the turn of last century, and all feature the authentic Ball logo, zinc lids, and gorgeous bubble blue glass. They're gathered from all over California and repurposed by a talented artisan.

Napa Style Antique Mason Jar Lights

The Hangelier series ($150) lampshades crafted from salvaged and off-the-shelf materials. The parts are arranged to provide delight from different points - referencing classic light shade forms from a distance while surprising viewers up close with it's unique material palette.

Hangelier chandelier

The Romanesque Chandelier ($300) is painstakingly constructed from hundreds of paperclips. The three tiered Roman Chandelier is a grand statement in lighting, heavy and weightless, beautiful and surreal. The shadow play is curvaceous when lit, and the lamp sparkles much like a prism in the sunlight.

Romanesque Paperclip Chandelier

More books are printed every year, read and discarded. Even though many are taken to charity shops, they mostly go unsold and the charities have to pay for the books to be sent to landfill. For example 10,000 books a week from one charity will go to waste. These wasted books are used to create an attractive chandelier. This Light Reading chandelier is from artist Lucy Norman, who points out that "[t]here is currently no infrastructure set up to recycle the paper from books because the paper is low grade and the glue on the spine must be removed."

Lucy Norman Light Reading chandelier

Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday with a real 3,500-square-foot Malibu Dream House decorated by Jonathan Adler, complete with a pink carpet entrance. The digs have been outfitted with "skirted, corseted, lace-up dress chairs, a chandelier, a closet filled with thousands of shoes, a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls, and a garage that includes a real Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle car (all pink with a motorized, pop up vanity in the trunk)," in addition to a Barbie museum dedicated to displaying the original iconic doll, among other famous dolls.

Jonathan Adler Barbie hair chandelier

Wisteria sells this Call to Dinner Chandelier ($385) made of metal spoons and forks. They dangle from hooks attached to the black metal chandelier form.

Wisteria Call to Dinner Chandelier

Otero Design Studio built this fun chandelier from egg cartons.

Otero Design Studio Egg Carton Chandelier
Otero Design Studio Egg Carton Chandelier zoom

This chandelier, called Spectacle, was made by Stuart Haygarth. Spectacle is created from over 1,000 pairs of prescription spectacles which are linked together to resemble a traditional tiered chandelier. By using prescriptive spectacles which were once an essential tool for seeing an interesting analogy is drawn between their old and new purposes. A mirror ball light effect is produced as the light is refracted through the several layers of lenses. The chandelier comes in two sizes.

Stuart Haygarth Spectacle Chandelier

This Sustainable Pendant Chandelier ($45) is made from plastic cups.

Sustainable Pendant Chandelier in plastic cups complete view
Sustainable Pendant Chandelier in plastic cups

This recycled bic pen chandelier by En Pieza ($1,000) look just as classy (if not classier), refracts light in the most gorgeous way, and is far more creative and eco-friendly than their staid crystal counterparts. The Volivik Lamp, by En Pieza, is painstakingly hand-made using primarily the little plastic icon of 20th Century design. The chandelier comes in both orange and clear.

Bic chandelier En Pienza
Volivik Lamp En Pieza bic chandelier

What better way to make your game room really look sporty than to add a two-tiered, 52 beer bottle chandelier to the ceiling. This chandelier will set you back $1,250.00, but it will go right over your pool and be a great conversation starter. The design can be altered if you desire but the main purpose of reusing the beer bottles in an artistic way.

Beer Bottle Chandelier

Illy, the world famous coffee company is bringing together all of its limited edition of coffee cups to create a one of a kind chandelier. The coffee cups were designed by some of the biggest names in the world of art between 1992 to 2005. They include amongst others Julian Schnabel, James Rosenquist, Robert Rauschenberg, David Byrne, and Francis Ford Coppola. The Illy Cup Collection Chandelier is a stunning spiral that is valued at $60,000 and when ready will be only one of two in existence.

Illy Coffee Cup Collection Chandelier

Designed by the fabulous Alexander Reh, this fascinating outdoor chandelier will fill your porch with an elegance becoming of a royal palace. With several bulbs built into each cage pouring out a serene light, the Milky Way chandelier bestows a calming effect on the ambience befitting the celestial body itself.

Alexander Reh Milky Way Chandelier

Not many of us can boast of a creative streak. Converting junk to jewelry or milk crates into chairs, tables or chandelier requires a lot more than artistry. Although these inanimate objects seem to have no future, there's a lot more we can do with them than we think. This pixel block style Chandelier from MADE, is simple yet exquisite. It gives quite a kitsch look to place. Definitely better than converting it to a storage bin.

Milk crate chandelier from MADE
Source:  Casa Sugar

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