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Bring the beach home with candles and room sprays that smell like sea air, salt water and Original Coppertone sunscreen

No matter the time of year, you can bring the smells of the beach home because perfumers have taken quintessentially summer smells like sea air and salt water and turned them into room scents. An exquisitely conceived little luxury, in evocative scents, each one-wick candle casts its golden glow for at least 35 hours, diffuses the highest quality fragrance and is stunningly encased in a high sheen metallic wood grain patterned gift box.

Burn Voyage is perfect to give, bring along, or simply stay where you are. Close your eyes and let Burn Voyage take you away...

Azure Seas Candle: Turquoise waters surround a tranquil island of smooth white sand and fragrant, lush, tropical flowers. Waves gently lap at the shore. A bird calls out now and then, otherwise silence ... Island Gardenia, Tuberose, Frangipani, Jasmine & Sea Mist ($26 at Beautyhabit)

Burn Voyage candle in Azure Seas

Beach Glow Candle: Drive to the end of the road. Past the tourist beaches and the lifeguard towers. Hike in to a secret beach where tiare flowers and coconut palms meet the sand. Swing from a rope and plunge into the gentle bay. Feel the glow... Green Coconut, Vanilla & Tiare Flower ($26 at Beautyhabit)

Burn Voyage candle in Beach Glow

Pink Sunset Candle: The day was good. Now palm trees stand in dark silhouette against a fluorescent sky. Plumeria scents the cooling air. The sun hangs like a giant golden orb blanketed in swirling pink slowly dropping off to sleep... Plumeria and Pikaki Blossoms, Gingerlily & Ocean Breeze  ($26 at Beautyhabit)

Burn Voyage candle in Pink Sunset
One of the sizzing scents from the Tropical Zone collection at Demeter Fragrance Library is the original Coopertone suncreen. This sensual, sparkling and cheerful scent is rich with the scent of Orange Blossom. ($14 for a 4 oz. Atmosphere Spray)
Demeter suntan lotion atmosphere spray

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