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Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the coolest bar on the Strip to beat the heat this summer

Las Vegas is known for its magical hot spots and steamy nightclub scene but a new bar in town is putting a freeze on all that. Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay is Las Vegas' coolest bar - literally. Inside the bar, everything is made entirely of ice and temperatures are kept at a constant minus five degrees Celsius, or 23 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Minus 5 is the first permanent ice lounge in America. It was all started by Craig Ling of New Zealand. The whole experience starts when you walk through the door. Once inside, each guest is greeted by promo girls and then you enter the briefing room where everyone is outfitted in insulated parkas, boots and gloves - a requirement for entry. 400 people a day are outfitted before led into the 2,000 square foot super-refrigerated lounge. There are about 350 blocks of ice in the bar and they use Canadian ice because it's clear. When you walk in, you see a whole room of ice - the chandelier, couches, the bar. Everything is a work of art. Even the glasses are made of ice and Minus 5 melts through 3,500 of them a week. The glasses are made from some of the most pure water in the world: New Zealand artesian water. The glasses are molded and shipped frozen. Minus 5's drinks aren't your boring old hot toddies. They have 12 signature cocktails which contain exotic fresh fruits and lots and lots of premium vodka. It's so cold that patrons are advised only to spend 30 minutes at a time inside the bar. To really chill out, you have to hit Vegas' Minus 5: the country's coldest, hot spot.

Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ad
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Glasses
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Bar
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Statue
Minus 5 at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Ice Sculpture Bar
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